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-[]------[]- Olympic Lift Numbers/Log 2 -[]------[]-


Fresh thread time. For those that weren't privy to the original thread this is a communal log where we can all post our daily training and provide advice for those with more cameras than coaches.

Some dope links with good discussions that many of us have been a part of. PM me with the links to any that Ive forgotten that you want easy access to.

Sneaky weasel drops the SCIENCE in this great debate:


Monstrous amount of good links on this one too:


Let me know if there are other links you all want in the opening page. Ideally the front page can be an easy access resource page.

Keep pulling.



Friday, morning WO

Warm up
A1] box jump: 5, 5, 5
A2] face pull: 75lb/20, 90lb/15, 105lb/12
A3] RD fly: 10lb/15, 15lb/10x2

Back Squats [lb]
325/5 = OMFG this set almost beat me. I took like 6 breaths between rep 4 and 5. This linear progression is hard as fuck.

C1] Chin up [N Gp]
bw/15 [RM]
bw/8 [RM]

C2] Reverse drag curls
br/10x3 = adding these in on a regular basis is really going to help my pull-under and grip. can't believe i dindt think of this earlier.



Whatever happened to Koing???


I think he's on the mend from a back injury...he's posted a little bit recently.

That was a fun thread, Chris. I wish we could get some more theory-oriented discussions going around here, as that's what interests me the most.

Peaking for a meet next weekend currently--squatted 135kg @ 77 today...still weak as SHIT, but improving rapidly (15kg since last test in Feb.). Maybe 150 in another 2 months!

Goals for next weekend: 82kg snatch, 103kg C&J.


Lifting in Bmore 4/24/09

Testing the Snatch and Clean & Jerk:
-Well it turns out that there is a guy in our group who started out being weaker than me and is now out squatting me, Cleans 8kg more, and Jerks 4kg more. However, I had a nice 7kg lead on him on the Snatch.

I come in today and see the dude is out snatching me by 1kg!!!! Now.... thats just not cool.
(btw... we are good friends just a little healthy competition that his girlfriend is more than willing to add fire to. Also he is a 77kg I am an 85kg so I loose on BW too)

So starting to Snatch, I told myself, this Joke needs to end and got to get aggressive on this.
-All nice, exept I missed 65kg behind.

-75kg easy! (I've missed this fucker for the past 2 weeks)

-78kg! SOLID! 1kg PR Snatch, and tied with him.

-80kg! MISS! so close.
-80kg! GOT IT!!!!!!! Fuck yes, got a little 2kg lead.

(the girl voice in the video is the girlfriend, he had to leave early for work so he was not there to witness me outsnatch him)

-82kg Miss. x3
--looking back I should have only treid 82kg once... but i really wanted the 4kg lead to tie on total.

Clean & Jerks!
-bad news... my shrug is having problems, and I am kinda tired.

got 90kg with effort, but the shrug is 100% not firing. (It was fiting in most of the snatches)

93kg PR attempt. miss x3.
--the 3rd attemp was a bad miss. I strained both wrists, especially the left one.
--Looking back at the replay:
(1)no shrug, so as the bar was coming down I was getting my elbows through
(2)got the elbows through but the bar was not racked across my collar bone + shoulders
(3)bar lands hard on my wrist and chest, elbows collapse.
(4)elbows hit knees
(5)I open my arms and fall back... but my left wrist took the worst of the strain.

Hopefully it will be fine by the meet on Saturday.

stretch, go home, put some ice on the wrist.


Bloody good snatches dude. Made me grin when you caught the 80. getting BW Snatch will be a good milestone.

Friday evening

Muscle snatch

Pow clean+press
60/1,1,1 x3

Clean pull

Bk Sq

Just a quicky because I had to keep it under an hour.

Saturday should be fun.



Saturday morning

Not as "unsupervised" as I thought it would be so the whole thing was bar work with like 25kg [didn't even know 2.5kg full size plates existed previous to this gym].

Snatch+high hang snatch [1+3]

split jerks

At least i didn't bring [cause i dont own] any running shoes. The rest of the cats there got Rx'd some running and stretching [before training?] along with some gloriously soft bodyweight training.





Meso 1, Micro 3, day 1

8 days from Rudy Sablo Meet in Garden City NYC, last heavy day

60x1 [EASY]

Clean and Jerk
80x1+1 [major pressout left arm]
85x0,1+1 [clipped my left knee on the way up and Musa'd it]
90x1+1 [Matched PR clean and jerk from Garden State Games, solid jerk]
92x1+1 [Matched clean PR, new Clean and JERK PR] +2kg

Clean Pull
80x3x2 [light!]
90x2x3 [still light!]

Back Squat

+abs, stretching, back pre-hab

bw was 97.0, and I was on a near empty stomach, only had 3 eggs this morning. Wow, I'm such a fatty.

kinda miss the old thread, TONS of great information.

@sneaky weasel, you doing the Rudy Sablo?


Nah, it's the East Coast Gold meet in Moorestown.


Hey guys--I am by NO MEANS claiming to be an OLY guy or a PL guy...I do not have a coach but I do have a camera which is catching some stuff that has bad form and I was wondering if any of you could check out some of my posts and critique some of my lifts. (maily my cleans from yesterday...I'm just learning them and they are UGLY!) I have them all down on my log (Alpha's work) with links to my Youtube page which has said lifts on it...

I used to fight MMA but due to Medical stuff cannot anymore and am thinking of going for OLY or PL or Strongman stuff but want an idea of where I stand first...

Any help is appreciated...


sure man, go ahead and link the videos.

Sneaky weasel I'll be in the same meet! What weight class are u lifting in?


77...lifting on sunday, tho--last meet as a novice.


Well you're clearly quite strong--140kg hang power clean x2 is pretty heavy no matter what your technique is like.

That said, there are some things you can fix pretty quickly I think. First, your countermovement (where you lower the bar before cleaning it) should be more like an RDL to the top of the knee, rather than just dropping your hips. This is causing the bar to hit your thighs, and making your arms bend a little, which is a no-no.

The main problem, however, is that you are effectively reverse power-curling the bar--your elbows stay in the same position, so the bar travels away from your body too much. When you hit your second pull, your elbows need to come UP and THROUGH in order to hit a solid rack position.

Catching 315 on your wrists like that is going to get you hurt eventually. Rack position needs to be just like the one you front squat with.

I think a good coach would be able to do a lot with you, if you have the patience to work on your technique and forgo limit weights for a while.


Thanks so much bro--I really, really do appreciate it


lame. Wish Joe and Chris Smith didn't schedule their meets a day apart. I love the Moorestown venue, but no one from FDU is coming down (to my knowledge).

you got any idea on the Garden State Games this year, is ECG doing it again?


Romanaz I don't know about those state games....

Dammit weasel... I am lifting on Saturday.


Just bar work buddy. It was basically a rest day for today where I have to squat. That and since I missed some OL days I would get in shit for putting on too much rubber, unlike in gay porn.

So WTF is correct. But its cool cause i got a new training area lined up. exciting.



I'm pretty sure we are, as it's the kickoff for our summer training camp. Now I just have to find a post-graduation job in the Philly/Moorestown area so I can keep training there...ugh.


Yeah man you could really do well with a coach around your area. go train inB-more with neospartan and crew. It's obviously that you have the sack for lifting and aren't afraid to put some "stank" on the bar. That is the base of a good lifter if you can be taught the delicacies.