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Olympic lift form

I am incorporating olympic lifts in my current program and am struggling with getting the transition from the second pull (above knees) to under the bar, in fact I basically suck big time! I can’t seem to cordinate it and end up very upright and not in a low squat position underneath. Ideas, tips etc much appreciated.

Here’s Medvedyev’s progression for learning the squat clean from A System of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting: 1. power clean from the hang, bar above knees 2. power clean from the hang, bar below knees 3. clean pull to knee level 4. clean pull 5. power clean from the floor 6. power clean + front squat 7. squat clean. I’d say do some combination of power clean + front squat & squat cleans from the hang. I guess the power clean + front squat combo breaks the lift into 2 managable chunks which makes it easier because the lift becomes more complicated as the squat gets deeper.

Great Progression. Bill Starr would not teach people how to squat clean until they could do a prefect ass-to-floor Front Squat. Also lots of practice with lighter weights is very helpful. Work on form not weight. Their are companies that sell wheel like 45lbs sized form training weights.

Thanks guys, I have been reading Coach Davies articles at intensity and wouldn’t you know it this weeks article discusses the Drop Snatch in detail which should help me as well.

Drax’s listing of Medvedyev’s progression should help you tremendously. I hope I am reading your problem correctly (please correct me if I am wrong) but it sounds like you are having problems with the “catch” phase of the lift. Do you have any problems with “the rack” of holding the bar and flexibility of the hips for the front squat. Dont hesitate to ask if I can be of help. In faith, Coach Davies

I am in no doubt part of it is related to flexibility in the bottom position of the front/overhead squat, but it is also getting the brain to understand that I can shrug and lift at the same time as lowering my torso to get under the bar. I know it is a dynamic move but am also wondering if my speed from the floor to thigh height is too fast and not timed properly so that I am losing momentum, instead of the speed peak being at the above knee it may be below the knee, or whether it appears that way because I am not getting low enough to catch it (make sense???).

The progression that Drax recommended sounds good. If it is at all possible to find a good strength and conditioning coach to work with you for a few sessions, then you should do it. Trust me, the experience will be well worth it. I’ve worked as a s&c coach at a D1 school before so I’ve taught dozens of athletes with good coordination how to do these lifts, and watched other coaches teach many more athletes proper form. Even with a good athlete, it usually takes a while to really establish good technique in these lifts. I can always tell when I’m in a gym and there’s someone who read an article about the power clean and they are trying to piece the movement together from what they have read. It Rarely works. It may be a hassle for you, but it will pay off in the long run.