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Olympic Hockey

Is anybody as excited about the top 6 Olympic Hockey games as I am? I am going for the Czech Republic to take Gold. Any wagers on who will win?

Canada all the way!!!

Canada’s (guys & girls) going to redemm themselves this time. Czech doesn’t have the same weapons this time. Hasek & Jagr aren’t playing as well as they have in the past & that’s why they aren’t going to win. They’ll be in the bronze medal game with Sweden.

Definately not the Czech Republic.

Best tournament ever! I´d say Czechs win. Watch for Finns too. They are underdogs and that suits them very well.

Sweden or Canada

Canada. Cujo will keep them in every game and they’ve got the fire power.

USA all the way.

Canada! Followed closely by the U.S. and the Russkies

Sweden just embarrassed Canada. They definitely outclassed Canada. Watch out for the Vikings.

Did anyone watch the US verses Russia match on saturday night? That was a good game! It sucks they had to tie though.

reeshdawg: We were actually quite fortunate to gain the tie! However, the Swedes are now looking like the team to beat!

Wow, Finland has made quite a rebound. I’ll take my shoe with some hot sauce on the side please. :slight_smile: If nobody knows what I’m talking about, I dismissed Finland as an easy opponent in the other hockey thread. Of all the teams, Canada is looking like #6 now! Please, please, Canada, get your shit together. I don’t want to have to cheer for the curling team!!

As I watch Sweden trounce Germany, I’ll say it again. Sweden is definitely the team to beat.

Did everyone catch tonite’s (monday) game?? I told you guys Canada’s working it out! They’re going to roll up the Finns & smoke 'em! Wait & see!

My current assesment of the situation is this: Canada:Awesome line up, almost too good. Can these guys settle the ego’s down enough to work as a team? That will be the deciding factor for them. They did great against the Czech Rep. Though I believe one of those goals wasn’t a goal.
U.S.A: I think they will surprise alot of people. I believe they are much better than people are giving them credit for.
Sweden: I think these guys are the 'Oh Shit" team this year. They are comming out of nowhere to kick ass, mainly because nobody really took them seriously. I think if the other teams take them seriously, they will start to lose, but I definately see them getting a medal.
Russia: Is Russia, thay are always good, but I don’t see anything particularly outstanding. They will be a team to beat, they will be a constant thorn in the side of any team playing them.
Finland: good but not great. Don’t feel a medal for them.
Belarus: Joke
Germany: Not a chance.
Czech Rep.: Obviously they have an incredible team. Have not played as well as I’d like to see. Jagr has the ‘head in the ass’ syndrome. If they wake up a little bit, no one can touch them. I believe they will wake up. I hope they do anyway ( I am half Czech, that will explain my loyalty. Also, Czech women are HOT!!!).
Pat’s medal predictions is this: Gold Czech, Silver Sweden, Bronze Canada

It’s tough cuz all the teams are so good, I mean Belarus beat Sweden, that’s crazy! but I am a Canadian, and hockey is all we have so Canada versus U.S.A in the gold medal game and Canada will squeek out a victory!

Here’s how it’s going to happen. Canada will beat Finland tonight, & beat Belarus on Friday, USA will beat Germany, but lose to Russia on Friday. So that makes Canada vs Russia for the 1,000,000th time for the gold medal.

HOw can you say that Mario’s second goal wasn’t a goal? The replay judge said it was, the goal judge said it was, even people in the hockey biz say it is. It doesn’t matter if the puck was in Hasek’s glove. Hasek let his glove cross the goal line before the whistle. That is a goal in every type of hockey. Even Hasek knew it was a goal because he didn’t complain and he is known as a hothead goalie.Did you see him try to sneak his glove out of the net by putting it under him? He did that because he knew.

Belarus! Holy shit! They’re my number 2 team, its just too bad my number 1 team is going to demolish them. Go Canada!