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Olympic Gyms In NYC

Hey just wondering if anybody knows of any olympic gyms in New York City as in the fall I’m going to be staying at college in downtown Manhattan; thus I have to leave behind my beautiful Eleiko, squat rack, blocks, etc.

Any in the city would be greatly appreciated, but in Manhattan would be even better. It doesn’t have to be fully dedicated to the olympic weightlifting, just have some platforms and the appropriate bars for me to perfrom my workouts. The gym at the university has little room and is lacking adequate equipment as I’ve checked it out already. Thank you in advance for the input!

yeah, i think you asked the perfect question.

im from the seattle and im going to parsons this fall. last year i checked out a real OLY gym in new york and found one in queens. its in an athletic center and its 100 bucks a year. im really glad to hear of somebody in my same position. the gym is called the lost battalion weightlifting hall and theyve got a little website. id like to meet up in the fall and visit, PM me.


I dont know about the city itself, though, i remember on DeFranco’s site he had a listing for a powerlifting/OL friendly gym in the city…but…

over in queens on rego blvd, there’s the LBH. It’s a small gym, but completely dedicated to OL. Artie Dreshler, author of “The Weightlifting Encyclopedia” is the coach there.

I train at LBH and I can safely say that it’s the best place to train at in the city. Artie does “coach” on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I would advise coming in on Mondays and Wednesdays to train with Coach Joe Triola. Trust me on this. You can still come in and train on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but get your coaching from Joe.


Thanks guys, I checked out the website and it looks good, I think I’ll definitely end up signing up there. Getting some coaching would be great as well considering I am still very much a beginner at this type of lifting.

LBH is lost battalion hall, right?

[quote]KBCThird wrote:
LBH is lost battalion hall, right?[/quote]

Yep, I know 2 guys that lift there, they enjoy it.

Here is the website for any interested:

Lost Battalion is a great welcoming place to train. We have beginners and national level lifters there, coaches with many years of experience, and participate in plenty of competitions.

Come on down Monday or Wednesday.
Learn the classic lifts!
You know what they say…“Nothing feels better than a good snatch.”

[quote]ledfist wrote:
You know what they say…“Nothing feels better than a good snatch.” [/quote]

Yeah, but when you cant get that, a good jerk is pretty good :slight_smile: