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Olympic Game Ideal For Your Strength


Watching the olympic games this year has got me thinking.. What games would be ideal for a body builder to go in to? I know every sport requires its athletes to regularily do resistance training, but if you were in great shape and didn't have a specific sport preference, what competition would complement your strength?


They could give grooming advice to the gymnasts.


Bobsled has room for big fast guys.


Downhill skiing. I'm short, stocky, and have strong legs.


They would be perfect wardrobe designers the ice skaters.. tight, shiny........


How about curling? Or is that already a sport? I know BB-ers do a lot of curling.


haaah good one


No bodybuilder with no sport-specific training could hold their own in the Olympics in any sport. It's a joke to think so.


That would be a possibility if the guy had built his body up almost entirely through training for sport- eg a college football player who goes into bodybuilding for a year or two after college while maintaining power and speed work. Otherwise I don't see it happening in any sport. Most bodybuilders don't train for speed, agility or explosiveness much if at all and that is where it is at for most non enduro sports.


other than curling as already stated, the real and is absolutely nothing...


I think a bodybuilder would be able to make a transition to speed skating or cycling or rowing best over a period of a couple of years. These basically require high lactic acid tolerance, and high energy substrate stores, and none requires maximal power, just sustained power output-very similar to a fast paced workout already.