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Olympic Front Squat Stance Width

Hey guys, just need a tip or two here.

I have been doing deep front squats with a fairly narrow stance, just a bit smaller than hip width, and experiencing a fair bit of hip flexor pain in my right leg.

Now I have switched to a wider stance, just a bit wider than hip width with my feet pointed outwards a little bit. I can do deep squats this way, dropping my butt between my legs fairly easily, my squats are easier, and the pain doesn’t appear anymore, and my torso appears to be more upright during the squat.

I’ve been told the stance i’m using may be a bit too wide, but I find my power output is greater this way during my squats, plus no hip flexor pain.

Note: The stance is NOT as wide as a powerlifting squat, my heels are in hip width but the edge of my toes are outside of it.

Any comments?

I was just wondering the same thing today, while working my front squats. I had a session recently with a local trainer to get some help with my squat form. He showed the box squat and got me to sit back more, thus activated my glutes and hamstrings. I feel i can do it fine, but it feels quite different from an Olympic front squat. I squat like you described, feet a little farther part, toes pointed a bit out, and i just drop down between my legs.


I have encountered the exact same issue. I am stronger with a bit wider stance and there is nothing wrong with front squatting with a wider stance. Youtube videos of any competitive Olympic lifter and you will see that they squat down between their legs. They certainly do not fold like an accordion.

I would recommend that you read Dan John’s “From the Ground Up” because he has some great things to say about front squats and leg strength in general.


Who told you it was too wide?

You’re squatting with your feet just outside hip with?

Look where Dimas’s feet go here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHqo0dLz4V8

Outside hip and shoulder width!! :o

Hey guys, thanks for the replies… but I’m still getting some sharp hip flexor pain, any ideas on what’s causing it?

Nvm guys, I got my problem, for some reason I’ve stopped activating my glutes while descending into the squat, I’ve tried some bodyweight deep squats while activating my glutes, and they seem pain free.

Sounds like you were squating way too narrow at first, which is why your hip flexors hate you. I can’t imagine squatting with anything narrower than shoulder width, which is well outside of my hips.