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Olympic Dumbbells?

I am contemplating buying these dumbbells (http://www.newyorkbarbells.com/im-0035spl.html) . I have only used fixed dumbbells at the gym and wonder if anyone has an opinion on using this type (my concern is that the plates will collide into my body).


I was thinking of getting one for dumbell swings and snatches. I have been wondering the same thing. Any help. p.s I couldn’t get the link to work.

Sorry about the link, I’ll try again.

they look fine. as long as the collars are kept tight. probably have to check em before every set. while i don’t own those dumbbells i’ve bought a lot of stuff from their website and everything so far has proven to be high quality and very durable.

plan on getting different collars, I think. I bought a set of their beefy standard db handles and the collars suck. It’s my only complaint though.
Quick delivery–as in next day.

Although you might think I’m messin with you…I have a set of oly DBs from Wal-mart that have survived about 4 years of beatings. I have loaded them to 200+ and they get dropped a lot but have had no problems. I use regular spring collars which have also never given me trouble. Oddly enough, after all the drops, they’ve never bent. First thing I ever bought from Wal-Mart that didn’t break after a week.

Yeap I’ve got the same Olympic DB’s. I think that mine the handle is just a TINY bit longer, but i could be wrong. Other than that though they do work great, and they’re good for db presses, snatches etc. Also what i really like about them is that (well since i train at home) i didnt have to buy and spend like 300 dollars on db’s, you simply just change it to the weight you want. overall though its good, mine didnt come with collars though lol…so i just use different ones i bought.

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