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Olympic Dumbbell handles

I’m looking to get a pair of Olympic dumbbell handles. Afaik, only two companies make them: PDA and Ironmind. If you own Oly db handles by either of them, please post your reviews. Thanks.

A company called CAPS makes some cheap ones, about $10 each I think. Not exactly Ironmind quality, but I’ve never had trouble with mine. You can find this brand in most sporting goods stores. I bought mine at an Academy Sports and Outdoors.

Chris, thanks for the clue. I’ll check if the local big 5 has them.

Also Check out Sport Authority. They had some for $35.00.

A tip: Put the half ball door knob wall protectors on them. This leads to less brusing when flipping the dumbbells off your thighs for heavy Incline Presses.

I am looking to try Power Hooks. Has anyone used them? If so what do you think?

OL, sticking on bumpers is a neat idea. Do you have any more of these equipment tips? btw, what other training equipment do you own? Negatory on the Power hooks, I’ve heard of them but never saw them in action before.