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Olympic dumbbell handles in Canada


I want to find olympic dumbbell handles. I have like 350 pounds worth of olympic plates so therefore i would not need to buy standard plates if i can find olympic handles in Canada. More specifically in Montreal. Anyone know where they could sell those. Also does anyone know of a good place to buy equipment online for us canadians because when ordering from the US we get raped by the shipping charges.


I bought mine probably 8 years ago from body-solid or fitness factory outlet. It shouldnt be a problem mail ordering them from the states.
good luck. corey

uniko, iron mind has olympic dumbbell bars for $209.95 US but they are located in Cali so shipping would be a bitch. I would advise you to call Fitness Depot Ottawa at (613)247-8888
or email them at info@fitnessdepotottawa.com
and ask if they carry them; I checked their website but it is not very useful. Good luck.

Check out this website for all your needs www.ironmind.com