Olympic Drug Test

I have a question for anyone out there with an interest in this subject matter. Do you think that the current Sydney olympics is for the most part clean? Given that there are stringent drug tests in place now how are athletes coping with it?
Also, it seems that all the athletes who were busted for drug use so far has been caught for using nandrolone.I find this really hard to belive. Are the atheletes really that stupid to keep on using nandrolone when every body is getting caught with it or do you think there is some sort of a flaw in the testing procedure. How effective is the testing procedure anyway?

I don’t think the Olympics are any cleaner now. I just think people are more careful. The days of popping a few pills and injecting a few vials are long gone you do that now and you’ll get caught. Its more of a science now thats all. As far as using nandrolone you would have to be an idiot to use that. From what I understand and I could be wrong that shit is in your system for a long time.

The olympics most likely have more athletes using some sort of performance enhancing compounds than ever before. I think as the testing has gotten better so has the coaches of these athletes that monitor what is put into their bodies and when. It is a science now and whoever is the most educated will win. Look at how many records are being broken–especially in swimming. Come on-sure records are made to be broken but not at this pace. However i do not see anything wrong with these athletes using something because it def. makes the difference between winning and losing. Most athlete around the world can get whatever substance they desire so I do not think that is an issue either. As far as the nandralone topic–why in hell would anyone use this substance? it seems rediculous to me that they would.

I don’t think that the Olympics are any cleaner, just more hi-tech. Countries that help their athletes use drugs just increase their clearance times to meet the required period for a negative test. The high powered countries never fail for nandrolene. It is small countries and non-olympic sports that have failures for nandrolene. If counties/athletes get caught it is for testosterone ratio or for a good clearance time drug. (Anavar etc) All the drug use or most of it is taking place in the off-season training. They allow them to recover faster and better and allow for more and better workouts. These athlete usually get doctors and medicals staff to get them the drugs. It is non-olympic sports where they use nandrolene. These athletes have to go to the black market and buy what ever they can get there hands on. Often everything has been tampered with or some kind of counterfied drug. Often cheaper drugs are placed or labelled as more expensive drugs for increased profit for the dealer. So you think you are buying propinate and are get some form of nandrolene. (this a bad example as deca is usually more expensive then proinate, just using then as an example) You see all the powerlifters testing for nandrolene because it hangs around so long and often the lifter doesn’t know he/she is taking it.
PS- See all the Bulgarian lifters failing their tests, they said there would be an improved test in Sydney and I guess it is able to go futher in to the clearance times. The Bulgarians are known for never testing positive at world and big competitions.

The new EPO drug test is a joke ,you would have to take EPO within 72 hrs of the test to get caught but to get the most out of EPO you have to take it 1-2 weeks bofore the event .As with all the nandralone positives ,i believe the athletes are either stupid or taking fake gear ,or even a pro hormone that converts to nandrolone.