Olympic Diet

Starting next Monday, I'm possibly going to be coached for olympic lifting 3 days a week @7pm. I'll be doing this instead of my usual training and I'm very excited!

What kind of diet is ideal for an Olympic lifter, should i be eating less than I am now (4500 - 7000kcal @ 170lbs 5"10) ?

Would this kind of food "slow" me down? ie reduce my explosive strength and speed, should I just eat at maintenance?

I'm not really even thinking about weight classes right now, i just want to maintain my strength and start converting to fast twitch as I learn the basics, I'm very serious about this and I could care less if I wont be able to bench as much if my Oly numbers can go up. I also don't really care if i lose 5 - 10lbs either

should I just start eating more healthy fats, slow carbs(high GI around workout) and sufficient protein ~ 3500kcal. Would this be a benefit or detriment to me.

I want to be the best i can be at this, and do absolutely everything i can to maximize my training.