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Olympic Coaches in Sydney?

Can anyone reccomend a decent olympic lifting coach in Sydney? Any details would be great (prices, suburb, etc…)

I have been trying to see if my university has one, but it doesn’t seem to (unfortunately most Australian universities don’t have lifting teams like American colleges)

Theres a famous one where an ex National coach is. It’s about 20minutes outside of Sydney on the train. 2 lifters from my club have trained there. I can’t remember any details but I’ll ask my bro.


Details from my bro who trained at the gym:

Luke Borreggine is the coach (unsure of the spelling). In a place called Burwood, Sydney, about 15-20 mins on the train from central Sydney train station to Burwood, the gyms in a youth club/centre 20 meters from the train station in Burwood.

Can�??t really remember prices, might be in my travel journal? $50 for a 2 week membership and then $10 to use the facitlities every time I went pops in to mind?

He�??ll only coach you if you pay for him to write you a programme.

I basically paid for a 2 week membership pass to the place and had to pay each time I went training. You could only train at select time when they trained; twice a day Monday �?? Thursday (morning and evening). On a Friday and Saturday there was only 1 session. No training on a Sunday if I recall correctly.