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olympic circuits

I own a gym in the uk and the other day a guy passed thru on a casual visit and I watched his training routine for a while.It simply involved an olymlic bar loaded with 2 rubber 10k plates (full size) which he used off the lifting platform to perform 8 exercises set reps against the clock. I asked him what results he was after and not being the sharpest knife in the draw he replied ‘a bloke showed me it in prison’ and it was the best routine for combat. I tried it on my next workout and nearly puked, he said if you can complete 3 circuits in 45 mins you should be able to hold your own in a grapple.
So here it is;

Back squat 20reps
press behind neck 12
front squat/press 12
bent row 20
snatch 12
bench pullover 12
high pull 12
bar curl 12

Watch the colour drain from your cheeks if you decide to challenge a training partner and dont forget the stopwatch.

I believe what you have just described is called a “BB complex”. I seem to recall an artcle in Muscle and Fitness a few years ago regarding them. From memory the article said they were the brainchild of some eastern block coach - German I think, but don’t quote me on it. They sort of resemble a “meltdown” type of routine,don’t they? Perhaps in future T-mag could do an article on them - I for one would be most interested in seeing and trying one or two.

Olympic lifting complexes and circuits are a great way to warm-up or burn a bunch of extra calories. These are extremely taxing and are sort of like cardio for the whole body.

This can also be done with dumbells or kettlebells doing circuits of snatches, cleans, swings and presses of all sorts.