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Olympic Bobsled


These guys are clearly powerful, anybody know what kind of numbers these guys put out in the gym?


A few top bobsledders (at least in the US) are former d1 football players. They are definitly incredible athletes. They could probably put up some freaky o-lift numbers if they trained for them with how explosive they are over a short distance.


From Dr. Berardi's recent G-Flux article:




Can anyone find any side shots of these guys pushing the sled. I was watching the other day and it seemed like almost all of the men had pretty large arms and traps.


Pretty big guys


Yeah man, those Canadian Bobsledders, Leuders and Brown, especially Brown, are pretty huge. Powerful, thats all i have to say


If you go to USA bobsledding's website they have a form to fill out in order to go to the camps and try out for the team. The tests include hieght, weight, vertical jump, power clean, squat, 40yd dsh. Most of the guys are between 220 and 230pnds. The sled has a wieght limit.

They are always looking for strong fast people. One of my weighlifting coach friends had a girl who was an O lifter and now she is on the national bobsled team. She came within 3 tenths of a second at the trials to go to the olympics. Her legs were huge even befor bobsled training especially her glutes.


these guys are absolute freaks, especially the swiss and germans..170kg power celenas and 250 full squat are the norm...also great jumping power, like 18,5 m 5fold jump...like swiss Beat Hefti..you need a great mix of strength , power and speed, also technique, pushing the sled is not so simple as it might seem..