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Olympic Bars: York or Pendlay?


I'm thinking of buying a bar for Olympic movements and am unsure which one to choose. The York bar I'm considering is the International needle bearing north American training bar 32010 ($210).

The Pendlay bar is the Men's 20kg weightlifting bar http://store.wfwclub.com/me20webar.html ($359)

Money isn't an option, just want a whippy bar that is durable and recommended. If anyone has any experience with either of these bars, i would greatly appreciate an opinion. thanks


York. I've used a few older yorks and if I had to buy an OL bar myself, I'd use that.

Its cheaper and pretty damn good for the money.


I own a Pendalay Bar. I love it.

I cannot speak for the York Bar.


Check this thread out, especially Glenn Pendlay's comments. Mentions pretty much every bar there is.



the york bar isn't that whippy. i have the pendlay bar and its a good bar for the money. very flexible and very smooth spin.


thanks for the replies. I've looked at discussion threads on crossfit's garage gym page, and most of the time people talk about the York elite bar, which is yorks bread and butter bar. Many people compliment that bar but, i havent seen anyone talk about the needle bearing standard bar which is york's least expensive olympic bar. so it's hard to find out if many people endorse the cheaper york bar. But i have heard many good things about the pendlay bar, so at this point i might be shifting to pendlay.


Everything I have heard from my coaches indicates that if there's one thing you shouldn't skimp on, it's the bar. There are plenty of other ways to cut down on costs for bumpers, matting/platforms, shoes, etc. but a good bar will perform for years if you take care of it, and a "budget" bar will begin to frustrate you immediately.


to add to the advice from pendlay on that link nine posted:

I train on all Eleiko training bars at my gym. We have 8 of them, plus 4 eleiko womans training bars, 3 elieko mens comp bars and 1 womens comp bar. We have one bar that has a sleeve that sticks if it spins in the one directon to far. Its marked and used to squats and pulls only.

We also have a prototype IronGrip bar, but since you cannot buy it I won't comment on it.

I had a meet @ LBH and I warmed up on a York Comp bar, and another bar I don't know what it was. The york bar felt a bit thicker, and I did one set of warmup jerks on it and went to a different bar. Not enough whip imo and the other one was very nice. I think it was an elieko but I'm not sure. Not saying the York bar is bad, I liked it for snatching and it felt very good. I would buy it for my home gym when I finish it.

I have friends at another club down south with a Werksan comp bar they train with. They say its the best bar they've used yet and they are now spoiled.

imo, york is a good bar, but if you can afford it, grab an eleike or werksan.


After doing much research and evaluating my own experiences lifting with several different brands, I went with Ivanko and I think I made the right choice. Its a great bar, I recommend it wholeheartedly.


FWIW, York had a pretty large recall with their Olympic Training bar, so I would steer clear.

I've mentioned in another post that the Pendlay Training bar is about as good a bar that you can buy for the money. It has great spin and is pretty flexible...not quite Eleiko flex, but very good nonetheless.


Thanks for all the replies, i will be getting the pendlay weightlifting bar in the future. It would be great to have a werksan or eleiko or ivanko, but they are quite expensive. I decided against the york because most people claim they have less whip than other bars. Now i need to decide which bumper set to buy.


for bumpers, the cheapest work =D look around for used sets.


Glenn Pendlay sells bumpers too, and does a good price on the bar and bumpers shipped.



I just received my bumper set from Bigger Faster Stronger. 2-45's, 2-35's, 2-25's, 2-15's, 2-10's
625.00 delivered and it was here in like three days. I am now waiting on my Ivanko ob-20kg bar. I am jumping into this whole O/Lifting sport with both feet.
Now comes the hard part, converting from powerlifting and strongman into the over head lifts.


i read on another thread that buying bumpers in 45's 15's and 10's is the way to go. something about spreading the weight out over the bar will lengthen the life of the bumpers, i guess the idea is that dropping 225 spread over a 45, 15, 10, 10, 10 is less wear and tear than dropping two 45's. Am i making sense, or is it time to go to bed?


Sorry bro. Newbie to the whole O/lifting scene. I just went with the best price and the amount of weight that came with it.