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Olympic Barbell Question


I’m putting together my own equipment set from Craigslist and contacted a seller about a bar. I asked him what the max load on the bar is and he said he does not know but knows it is fully rated. Problem is I have no idea what this means and I’ve never had to buy any equipment before and sure don’t want to overpay for a lousy bar. Google hasn’t helped me either. Does anyone know what fully rated means for a barbell?


Fully rated for what? How can someone know that and not know what that rating is.

Buying bars off craigslist is a crap shoot.

Having said that, a cheap bar may serve you well, for a while anyway. Depends on how much you are lifting.

I’ll add that your bar is not the piece to be saving money on, if you can avoid it.


When you go look at the bar, check out how the sleeves spin and put 120kg on it. If it bends, stay away.