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Olympic Barbell Chrome Chipping Off


Hey guys,

I recently bought myself a nice used set of maybe 400lbs of weights and it included a Olympic size barbell (45lbs) but the barbell had alot of chrome chipping off on one side of the bar. Anybody ever tried to repair it or do soemthing about it (besides spending alot of money to rechrome the barbell or toss it away). I'd like to be able to use it still but for now i'm thinking of just wearing gloves while I train with it.

Hopefully I could still repair it by myself, lemme know what you guys did.


Yeah you probably need to fix that, I'm pretty sure you can't get very strong if the bar doesn't look good.


i would just be careful. i had a piece of chrome flake off and embed into my hand when i was taking a plate off an old barbell once.. it was a bitch to get out since it was flat.


smooth it out with sandpaper or a wire brush. not much else you can do.


Same here. Like a razor blade. Profuse bleeding as well.


Ive noticed the cheaper asian made bars tend to be covered with that layer of chrome which will peel after a while. I would just sand the problem areas every once in a while. if you want you can get a texas power bar you will not have the same problem with this bar.


Yeah, well mine was a fuckin' cheap-ass WIEDER set. I've since replaced it.