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Olympic bar worth purchasing.


I am training with a standard 27mm 6 ft bar but have thinking about purchasing an olympic bar + weights.

Cost here in Aus for an AVANTI branded bar and weights ios $395AUD for bar + 120kg of weight.

Is it worth the money or should I just buy more weight for my exisiting bar?

Is the case that you need to buy a really good quality oly bar otherwise don’t bother?


Depends on your goals and how good your existing bar is. Does the bar you have now have a good “spin”? What I mean by that is, when you spin the middle part of the bar, does it spin quite fast? The better the spin, the easier the olympic lifts are. Actual Olympic lifting bars are very expensive becuase, first they are a slightly different size. Secondly, the spin on the bar is top notch. So, depends on whether your bar is poor enough to have a negative effect on your lifting. If the bar is okay, buy more quality bumper plates instead.


I may be using the wrong terminolgy here. By olypmic bar I meant olympic style bar.

I am just using a standard straight bar, nothing fancy about it.

The first thing to look for when buying a quality olympic bar is to make sure that the bushing in not made of plastic. If you get one made of plastic bushing, you’ll find that the bar rattles alot and this is not a good feeling when doing certain movements like cleans and snatches. Quality bars come with either copper or brass bushing.

Incidentally, I’m also from Australia (Melbourne) and I find that the best quality Olympic Barbells you can get here is ones made by the Australian Barbell Company.


But the real question is whether or not it’s worth it for home training?

I mainly do deadlifts, power cleans/snatches, squats, rows and bench press for my compund movements.

I like the ones at my gym but I am cancelling my membership this week.

Is my money better spent purchasing some more 20-25kg plates for my existing bar?


THe aussie barbell ones are nice, but the best quality that you can get in Aus is Eleiko


the product listed above represents my maximum budget at this stage $400AUD.

I would assume that the aussie barbell ones etc are all great but not sure I have a need or budget to require something like that.

You can get a 300kg or 500kg rated Aussie Barbell Co one with needle bearings option - extra $70

This will make em spin smoothly like Elieko bars. But will around $400 for the 500kg rated one

Yes it’s worth it. Especially if you intend to be doing O-lifts, and moving some serious weight.

For a home gym I would not skimp on the bar. Get a good one.

Thanks guys for answering the question although it took a while :-).

300kg’s would be plenty for me. What is a normal bar rated at something like 120-150kg?


well crappy bars will ebnd, and the bend will stay when teh weights coem off, good bars will not bend as much (well pwoerlifting bars anyway) and hwne they do bend they retain the straightness after the weights come off

but any bar dropped on a rack support will be permanatly bent :slight_smile:

anyway the quotes i got from my lcoal store was

Aussie barbell co 500kg rated bar $390 + $75 for needle bearing option (recommened if you do olys)
You can get either a powerlifting version with centre nurling or oly version without.

Hey CoolColJ, where do you live mate? I’m in Melbourne. Where can you get an Aussie Barbell for that cheap? I was quoted something like $750.

I’m in Sydney :slight_smile:

$750? hmmm maybe it’s a different bar there. I know the person who gave me the quote looked in their book for prices, so I expect it to be accurate.

Well I wish I could train at home, then I’d have me a nice bar with smooth spinning needle bearings instead of all the crappy bent bars that have these bushings. When I see proper weightlifting bars been used, you can see the plates spin around so easily and smoothly.

I went and had a look at this Avanti one it looked okay or at least as good as the ones at my gym.

rated at 350kg it will cover me for a long time yet…

At $400 I get the bar + more weight to use so I guess I will see how it goes.

Thanks again.

I agree with ko,

I bought a crap bar when I started, and now I have to buy a new one (bent as heck, doesn’t spin… etc.). If you’re serious about training, you should get the best gear that you can afford.

Dan “The bent bar impresses my family, at least” McVicker

The best all purpose bar (squat, bench, dead) that I’ve come across is the Jesup 7’ olympic power bar (1500 lbs test). The two that we use have taken an unbelievable beating and still haven’t bent (we have managed to bend every other olympic bar in the gym though). And most unbelievable of all it only costs $99 american. You can find one at www.jesupgym.com, part #OPB86M.

P.S. No I do not work for this company, they just make a badass motherfucking all purpose bar.

DPH, I have the same bar, bought it probably 8 years ago. It is great. However, it is slightly larger in diameter than a standard power bar. Is yours as well? This is probably an inportant consideration for bow.

I would also state that the good ol’ Texas Power Bar is a good choice. I believe Dave Tate has them on sale right now at elitefts.com. It is far and away the best bar for the $. Shipping to Aussie may be expensive, however. Anyone selling Ivanko in Austrailia? They are about $330 American. www.safe-usa.com probably has them in stock.

Good luck.

Yes, it is slightly larger in diameter than a standard power bar. Well worth the $99 in my opinion. The Texas power bar is a good bar also, just a little more $$.

Yes, it is slightly larger in diameter than a standard power bar. Well worth the $99 in my opinion. The Texas power bar is a good bar also, just a little more $$.

Absolutely agree, DPH. Train hard!