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Olympic Bar Only?

Ok, so I’m starting to think I might need a power rack.

Today was Day 3 (week 3) of SFM, so I warmed up with some front squats, part of Coach Davies’ warmup from Man of Steel, and one arm dumbell snatches. Then I did 8x185 and 3x225 box squats just to make sure I was ready. I did the first set of military presses, though I had to semi-push press the last three reps (too heavy, I know). Then I started to do the first set of box squats with 240 lbs. The set was doomed from the beginning, as I slammed the bar slightly into the rests when unracking, and had to work for a couple of seconds to get my footing, as the damn half-rack I use gets in the way. Then, on the bottom of the third rep, I got completely stuck (probably from a mixture of having rarely lifted during the holidays and wearing shorts that were way too tight), so after a couple of failed tries to get up (the shorts kept me from really using my hips at all, and my knees hurt when I tried), I kinda rolled the bar down my back and let go, hoping it was close enough to the bench that the bench wouldn’t break.

Well… it wasn’t the bench that broke.
When I turned around the bar was bent at the midpoint, making it useless and leaving me without a way to do any of my scheduled workouts (I’m just gonna work on my pistol squat, planche, l-seat and lever progressions instead).

To make a long story short, does anyone know where I can get a cheap olympic bar (not one of those 1500 lb tested ones) without the rest of the weight set?

Haha what a champ.

Why don’t you try a weights/fitness store.

Lol… I know it looks really stupid when it’s written out like that, but it seemed serious when I had 240 lbs pinned on me.
Anyways, all stores and sites that I’ve looked into sell it for at least 80 bucks, and that’s only 20 bucks less than a weight set. I’m more in the market for a used bar, so I guess I’ll just look around in garage sales.

LOL… I did the same thing a couple months ago. But I’m a cheapskate so I still use it. I just tell people that see it that it’s from lifting seriously heavy weight LOL.

search for Jesup Gym Equipment

good price and nice folks.