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Olympic Bar Hex Bolt

Offhand, does anyone know if there is a standard size for the hex bolt on the ends of an Olympic bar?

I have a cheap one I use for rack pulls, and also a set of adjustable Oly DB handles that are always loose and I need to pick up a big hex wrench.

If it’s loose enough, remove and take it with to a hardware store, home depot, lowes, fastenal, etc and see what size it takes. You can buy a set for around $20-$30 that should have one big enough.

I don’t think there is a standard size. It can vary, especially with the cheaper bars.

Your best bet is to just take the bar with you and test different sizes. I can’t imagine any store having a problem with that.

I made the mistake of not taking the bar with me and ended up buying two large hex wrenches I will never use.

Also, put some blue loctite on the threads and it won’t come loose. Use red loctite if you NEVER want it to come loose again. Actually, in order to get it loose from red loctite you will have to apply heat to the bolt to get it to loosen up. Blue loctite will come loose with enough elbow grease.

Great, thanks for the advice everyone. The bolts are definitely loose enough just to take out. Probably easier than carrying the whole bar into Home Depot, although the looks would be priceless.

I may have some of the blue locktite lying around, if not I’ll pick up some as well.