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Olympic Bar Failure

Probably a lot of guys have seen this but I thought these bars are supposed to be rated at 1000 lbs.

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That’s crazy.

You never heard Chris Duffin’s cue “bend the bar over your back”? Another 325lbs. of force from his arms and it’s at the official limit. I have a bar that’s supposedly good for 1500lbs., but it also cost a little over $200 (Canadian). Watching this makes me think it’s time to invest in something more reliable.

This isn’t me brother. Just thought I’d share

Might’ve of been an old bar or faulty or lots of wear and tear or something. Most decent barbells in alright condition would be able to handle these weights.

At least they have a duffalo bar that’s good for < 500 lol

I dunno how you are able to rate the bar like without knowing which it is but there’s like aluminium technique bars rated for 135 to Eleiko Power Bars and other power bars rated to 3000.

That sucks, Costco chinese bar? Thankfully the dude wasn’t seriously injured. He may have been better off just dropping the damn thing though.

Sidenote broke a 45 lb plate the other day. Dropped it on a rubber mat and split in half. Weird.

Force ratings are pure bullshit. Especially if they’re as low as 675lbs lol

That’s why you go with a brand known to take the weight instead of trying to save 100 bucks over the 20+ year life of the bar.

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I wonder if there where signs that where ignored going into that set, he obviously had to hit something in the high 500’s I wondering if it was whipping around pretty hard