Olympic Athletes for Bill R

Guys I wanted to know something about the whole nandralone controversey and Olympic athletes. Of all the drugs to test positive for how come Nandralone seems to be the most common one? After seeing the best of the year results on various drugs in T-mag I noticed that it wasn’t necessarily the best of all of them. It wasn’t the cheapest, or the most expensive. So what’s the deal?

Also, if we do believe the tainted supplement plea of most of these athletes, why on earth are supplement companies using this steroid in particular and not something else? Does anyone believe that the tainted supp. theory is possible?


It may be that the problem is that the authorities are setting the detection limits far too low, to a level that persons not using nandrolone may test positive from natural trace production. Or it may be that
the levels are above this, but within a range
that supplement contamination from traces of nor-4-AD could account for it. However, most supplement companies don’t sell nor-4-AD, so this explanation seems dubious to me.

It doesn’t make sense that so many athletes subject to Olympic testing would actually be testing for nandrolone.

Part of the explanation may be that the IOC
is basically run like a Third World country, with the same sorts of leaders for the most part, and there may be more interest in power and control than in any actual legitimacy of procedure.

It’s hard to analyze because basically both sides (IOC and athletes/coaches) will and do lie on this issue.

So what am I supposed to think when, say, Charlie Francis says that while Ben Johnson did use steroids, the test that busted him for alleged use of stanozolol was clearly fraudulent because the sample tested positive only for stanozolol itself but zero for metabolites? (Which you’d always have if stanozolol were actually taken, instead of spiked into the sample.)

Either he’s a total liar, just blatantly making stuff up, or the IOC is. There’s no way to figure out which one. This is a typical example.

Probably in most cases both sides are lying through their teeth.