Olympians Popped Ilya Ilyin, Others

LOL at this drug list. How these were missed and now found is beyond me. Anavar, Turinabol, Masteron, Winstrol…something is off.

Best reasons I can come up with would be a masking agent testers learned to test around (doubtful because no masking agents were mentioned in the report) OR somebody was paid off then unpaid off OR they were never really tested in the first place.

Either extremely ballsy or knowledgeable for them to use those drugs knowing they would for sure get popped or for sure not get tested.


it’s rumoured that they only pop athletes once their popularity starts to dwindle. I dunno how much truth there is in that, but it certainly seems possible (they wouldn’t want to pop someone who’s bringing a lot of revenue to the sport).

91 athletes tested positive in 88 Olympics but all you heard was ben Johnson , and some weightlifers. Oh Carl Lewis tested positive for pseudo ephedrine, hmm.