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Olympia Preview!


first off...if victor is doing the NY i hope he kills it, wonder how he'll look after all the shit from last year.

phil, jay. kai ....roden and all the other guys, not sure if dexter will do the O or the master's O.

anyways...my hope is that kai beats phil, we'll see.


Kai was by far the most muscular physique on that stage

but he will never be mr. olympia


holy wtf he looks like hes in a whole different class. Gorilla with a bunch of chimps or something


It's amazing how some competitors can just look so dominant during the year, and yet what they show up looking like on game day can be so different (crazy damn sport -lol). Of course with Kai, there's always going to be the theories about his 'extracurricular' activities, how he'd represent an already fringe/shady/drug-ridden 'sport' to the outside public. Personally, I don't care one way or another, but I do understand the way some folks talk about 'public acceptance' (even though IMO it's never going to happen due to the excessive PED reliance).



Ah, yeah. Definitely "ambassador of the sport" material right here.

but hes an artist, guiz!


I really wish he would put the whole homo-erotic thing aside and actually give himself a chance..


THe only thing about Kai's eccentric personality that has ever brought the sport ANY Good was his Dirty Diana routine, that routine is fucking mesmerizing

To bad you get find it anymore on the Web.


Yeah, Kai looked like he was on another level there. Doubtful that he'll bring it on the day of but i certainly think after how close last year was that he is capable of taking it all this time.


Waking up to that in your room has to be the number 1 fear for any homophobe.


i think waking up with that in your room would scare anyone...


Uh, i just found out that Kai Greene apparently fucked a grapefruit on video.....

When i saw the Thread title "Kai Greene fucked a grapefruit" on another forum, i assumed that was some sort of slang term

I really wish i wasnt wrong.


That has to be the most anyone has been paid to fuck a grapefruit....


He didn't fuck it, he made sweet sweet love to it.


I didnt watch the video, someone posted stills on a forum though. He didnt make love to it, he fucked a godam hole right through it.

I feel so wrong for wanting him to win the O this year now....


Imagine how much MORE you'd have to pain someone to drink the juice-mix getting out of that Fruit-and-slab-of-meat's-juice drink.


There use to be a video of Kai when he was a stripper for a male strip club I believe. Bunch of guys touching him, and eventually a guy blowing him. Video was basically just showing why Kai would never win Mr. O, and sadly it's true I feel.


Well dude, if thats true, come the fuck on. How do you expect any sport to want you to represent them when theres videos going around of you fucking fruit and getting blown by dudes at a gay strip club? I cant blame em for not wanting to give him the O.


Yeah, I mean I think this would be the same for any sports figure. It's not as much the controversy, more so there's so much visual evidence of it. As in, actual tapes of the incidents that are pretty widely seen. It's just bad PR in general.

I don't care about the 'gay' aspect of it, because that's his choice (not sure Kai's sexual orientation), never has bothered me personally, and honestly that's a huge section of the BB fandom. But he just made some bad career choices I feel, especially if is goal was Mr.O, which is based around a image to the public and stuff. Even if he had been in hetero porn or something, would probably still be difficult for him.


Well seeing as hes obviously very "stacked" in all departments, and obviously not camera-shy, he has a very promising career in porn if he doesnt win the O this year. :wink:


Sexual orientation in sports is a hot topic right now.
Unfortunately, IMO, Kai will never win the O because of his "off the field issues"
With the "subjective" nature of BB'ing, sadly there isn't anything he can really do about it either.
It's no 100yard dash or basketball game, there isn't a clear cut winner.
Tough break for him.
He does look insanely huge though.
Crazy freak genetics.