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Olympia Las Vegas 2003

so any t-men/vixens going to this in october? i have a friend working a both and plan to go.

Joe Weider said I could go if I would perform some “fluffing” duties for some athletes. I’m correct in assuming that that means extraneous tasks, right?



That or greasing them down. Just remember to hit all them “crevices” and you’ll be perfect.


i find it to be ironic that a guy who thinks that wearing posing trunks is gay, is going to go to the O.

looks like someone is finally coming out of the closet.

I might be going. I’m still undecided.

I would like to go see them at breakfast in the cafeteria at the Mandalay Bay. When I was there last December, a cook brought up the olympia because I ordered a dozen egg whites. He said the amount of food they eat is obscene. He said you wouldn’t believe the amount of food that the women put down. I would just like to go and try and keep up with them on the table until I hurled.

um, i’m going because i get a free room and the main reason is the “pimps and ho’s” party is that saturday. p-dog you can go look at men in tights all you want at your favorite gym.

oh im sorry i didnt know about the party. yeah that would be cool, youll make the perfect HO.

i heard your going as ron coleman’s biatch.

just cause you like to hang out in a locker room with a naked man,cool raul drinking mickeys, and kickin it with skanks with stinky twats, no need to hate. but understandable.