Olympia buffs help

Guys can you help me-which Olympia is the one where Dorian posed to the telephone push-tone menu track followed by the Bush track “Come Down”?


And thank God for Australia.

Apollo -it was the 1996 Mr Olympia in Chicago. Very awesome routine -one of Dorian’s best IMO.

i think it was 93 or 94

Thanks fellas-I’ll go with 96 as I watched the 94 the other day. I think it’s the best routine I’ve ever seen.

Definitely 96- I just watched it again. In 1994 he used the music from The theme to Mutiny on the Bounty.

Trust Me on this one.

Actually, it was Hail Britannia, which was the movie theme.

Same shit different download name obviously. When Napster was up and running I downloaded it by typing in ‘Bounty’ and somebody had it listed as ‘Theme From Mutiny on The Bounty’

Oh Well, Whatever.