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Olympia 2013


I haven't seen a thread started on this topic, and this IS the bodybuilding section. I think we need to discuss the biggest competition in our sport, and the fact that its up and coming, and poised to be a big freakin' show.

Below are the list of competitors according to IFBB's website. Obviously there are still qualifiers like the Tampa Pro. I thought it might be fun to discuss the upcoming show the physiques, debate, what-have-you. I look forward to the discussion and pics.

Few rules:

  1. No steroid debate. We all know they use, we're here to discuss the placings, physiques that could be brought, and how our favorites are.

  2. If you get into it with someone about a particular bodybuilder/fitness competitor keep it classy and keep it on topic, no derails.

  3. Feel free to post pictures, prep videos, 'x' week out clips, etc.

  4. Have fun.


Phil Heath, USA
Kai Greene, USA
Shawn Rhoden, USA
Dexter Jackson, USA
Branch Warren, USA
Dennis Wolf, Germany
Cedric McMillan, USA
Brandon Curry, USA
Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland
Mamdouh Elssbiay, Kuwait
Victor Martinez, Dominican Republic
Roelly Winklaar, Curacao
Evan Centaponi (most likely)


James Lewis, UK
David Henry, USA
Eduardo Correa Da Silva, Brazil
Jose Raymond, USA
Al Auguste, Haiti
Troy Alves, USA
Tricky Jackson, USA


Iris Kyle, USA
Debi Laszewski, USA
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, Venezuela
Alina Popa, Switzerland
Brigita Brezovac, Slovenia
Jennifer Scarpetta, USA
Monique Jones, USA


Adela Garcia, USA
Oksana Grishini, Russia
Tina Durkin, USA (not competing)
Myriam Capes, Canada
Tanji Johnson, USA
Natalie Planes, USA
Bethany Cisternino, USA
Ryall Graber-Vasani, Canada


Erin Stern, USA
Nicole Wilkins, USA
Candice Keene, USA
Heather Dees, USA
Mallory Haldeman, USA
Candice Lewis, USA
Ann Titone, USA
Alea Suarez, USA
Gennifer Strobo, USA
Camala Rodriguez, USA


Nathalia Melo, Brazil
Nicole Nagrani, USA
India Paulino, USA
Dianna Dahlgren, USA (retired)
Jaime Baird, USA
Yeshaira Robles, USA
Michelle Brannan, UK
Justine Munro, Canada
Amanda Latona, USA
Vladimira Krasova, Czech Republic (Overall Winner, Amateur Bikini Olympia)
Ashley LeBlanc, USA
Stacey Alexander, USA
Jennifer Andrews, USA
Pollianna Moss, USA
Courtney King, USA
Ashley Kaltwasser, USA
Narmin Assria, USA


Stephen Cook, USA
Matt Christianer, USA
Michael Anderson, USA
Mark Anthony Wingson, USA
Anton Antipov, USA
Sadik Hadzovic, USA
Matthew Acton, USA
Jeremy Buendia, USA


Tamee Marie, USA
Sabrina Taylor, USA
Patricia Melo, Brazil
Karina Nascimento, USA
Juliana Malacarne, Brazil
Toni West, USA
Sara Hurrle, USA
Tycee Coppett, USA
Jamie Pinder, USA


Just my initial comments. I'm really rooting for Kai this year. I think in the pictures I've seen he's a complete beast, he's been pushing each year, and I personally like his attitude, focus, and ability to competently speak (although long-winded like me, HA). I think Phil has a great physique, but I'd like to see Kai win it.

I'm also rooting for Wolf, but because of his calves and high lat tie-ins (also being so tall) I don't think he'll ever win, so I'd hope for a top 5 - though in this line-up unlikely this year. He is pretty damn big by his prep videos, and has stated he wants to "come in big" for this show. Will he sacrifice conditioning to do it.. who knows?

Jay is coming back and is constantly improving. I'd like to see him earn a top 5 finish. I doubt he'll win, and I hope if he gets a finish, its earned, not political.

My predictions:

  1. Kai
  2. Phil
  3. Rami (if conditioned)
  4. Cutler
  5. Dexter
  6. Rhoden
  7. Martinez (if he finishes putting on size
  8. Warren
  9. Wolf
  10. Centopani

Its tough to pick 3-10, honestly. Lots of potential, and its highly dependent on what the judges want that day, who cames in dialed, and who doesn't.

Jamie Pinder, one of Shelby's clients, is making the Miss Physique Olympia debut as her second pro show, I wish her luck and hope she places well (or wins).


While I don't have any pics on hand to throw up, I did see a fairly recent video of Cutler, and he's definitely looking to be on track. Of course with all the talk of his working with Aceto again, I can understand fans hoping he brings it one last time.

As to the other 'top dogs', I'll say these brief thoughts:
Kai- Could have won last year, and I honestly believe he was ahead after the prejudging
Rhoden- Definitely can take top honors if it all comes together and the other top 3 dudes aren't at their best
Jay- Can definitely be top 3, possibly win if everything lines up perfectly. Has a larger structure than anyone else, so that's always a plus

Apart from these guys, I don't really see anyone else in the top 3. 5-7 can fall any number of ways, and personally I'd love to see Dexter still up there if he can hold on another year.

Evan has the potential to do damage as well, not top 3 yet IMO, but possibly top 5 if he's lucky. Unfortunately, unlike Cutler, I think that Evan's larger structure works against him at times. As good as he looked when he beat Dexter last year, I thought his legs could have been a little better.

Vic looked the best I've seen him in years at this past NY Pro, and if he can bring a similar package, definitely a top 6.

Mamdouh is a total X factor in my mind. He destroyed the line up at the NY Pro, and I know a lot of people are waiting to see how he compares with the upper echelon of IFBB Pros.

Everyone else... eh,... we'll see -lol



Thanks for posting Stu! I've made a horrible mistake of watching the pro's video the past two nights during my pre-bed meal. I will post some links this evening, I don't workout and will be home early. I know of at least a Kai, Cutler, and Wolf 10 week out series of clips. I don't do Facebook so I can't stalk their pages, but apparently some pro's do update every week or so.

I watched a guest posing with Kai, Evan, Victor, Jay, and one other guy I didn't recognize, and Evan's arms were massive.. I mean huge. Evan has been commented as having a chest that doesn't pop. Genetics can be tough. I like Evan a lot, and I think he's a great face for the sport, but I'm concerned he may not get an Olympia title, or finish top 3 if the level of competition continues.

I agree, I thought Kai won last year, from what I saw in the live stream (but that isn't the cleanest image). My only hope is that he isn't "held back" for his past or because Phil is a better face for the sport.

Rami, is indeed a dark horse. He's got so much hype around him, that the bodybuilding world will be waiting for call outs / posedown when he's standing next to the other top guys. I wish him well, and as cool as it would be to see a title the first year, I'd like him to at least go through the ropes one or two times. Builds character, heh.

I personally don't see how some guys from last year can get top 10 with this line-up. I'm even nervous for Wolf, just because he doesn't seem to place well. I'm really excited to see the show, and WILL be streaming it here in Japan.


I actually forgot to comment on Heath in my reply above -lol.

I like Heath, and to be honest, he has a great shape, BUT he's soooo filled with oil that you have to wonder at what point someone is going to stop overlooking the current practice of some Pros. One thing I always liked about guys like Yates, and even Branch (despite his fairly unaesthetic physique) was the dry and grainy look they would have onstage. This is something that I believe is usually rewarded by the Olympia Judges. I know that when I judge amateur contests, my own thinking is to reward 'suffering' more than simply genetic matters (ie. muscle shapes etc). Not that any one factor wins a contest, but figured I'd chime in with my line of thinking.

Also, with the added size, whether real muscle (which SOME is), or synthetic, Heath will always have the same sized skeletal structure. As such, I'm thinking that there is only so far he can go in terms of added size. YES, the game isn't solely about size or else he would never have won at all, but when you've got guys like Kai, Jay, even Rhoden (I think) with larger frames, Phil's seriously got to be at his best this September.



Heaths arms and shoulders have gotten just insane.
Ramy I think is too new to win but if he nails his conditioning he will be amazing.
Cutler is looking absolutely massive. He needs to nail his conditioning and he has a good chance of winning or second
Kia is just a freak. His muscles are growing muscle. But because of his issues I doubt he wins
I think Evan has improved a ton and his chest is looking better now
Wolfs shoulders look like basketballs. He has such a large frame.
Those are the ones I have seen recently.


As promised, here are some progress videos as these guys prep for the "big show." Hopefully if you haven't seen them already you will enjoy.

Kai Greene:

Looks like Kai's got a girl! Haha.


I tweeted Phil asking him if he was worried about Big Ramy - He said it was a biased question and refused to answer lol.

I think hes scuuuuuured!


Jay Cutler


Dennis Wolf


Guest Posing


I might be crazy but it looks as though Evan Centopani was wearing a 90's vintage Brisbane Broncos rugby league jersey? Or is that an American team I don't know?


I think your analysis in these last 2 posts is spot-on. Cant disagree with anything you've said.

I wont be surprised if Heath takes it again this year, but i think his time at the top is nearing its end. And i saw a recent vid of Cutler during a photoshoot too, he looks awesome right now. If he nails it on competition night we could see yet another comeback.


Doesn't look anything American as far as sports teams go to me. It has POWER written on it though, is that part of the polo, or just the colors/crest? His arms look just massive though.

I don't see how Cutler can compete with Kai. When looking at it from a pure "mass monster" perspective, I think Kai has him beat, now, assuming both are equal in conditioning. Jay does look pretty good though, I'll give him that. Its really hard to judge multiple physiques when they aren't on stage with each other. In the posedown, Victor even looks pretty massive, but how will he fair when leaned out (similar to NY Pro, or bigger)?

One person I can't find anything on is Ramy. Only videos are of him before the New York Pro and part of my is suspicious they weren't posted until after the show. Is he intentionally keeping low key (also not in any guest posings), or its just a side effect of his inability to speak English and being new on the scene?


This years Olympia is going to be one hell of a showdown. While I respect Jay I just do not like his physique as much as the other competitors. He is a muscle monster but he is so boxy. I feel the same way about Branch. I respect the guy but his shape is so ugly. The middle of the pack is going to be a cluster fuck of who will place where.

Who knows how Victor will look and Big Ramy may throw a wrench into everyone's plans (although I am skeptical). I love Wolf and hope he places top 5 but his suspect calves and high lat tie ins may drop him a few places against such a stacked field. If you have not watched Wolf's videos on musculardevelopment.com you need to.

The dude is humble, hard working, and funny. Cedric is another guy who could place high as long as he gets his shit together. He has been all over the board lately.

As for the top three I unfortunately think that Phil will take the title again. I would love to see Kai win but I just do not understand what else he needs to do to grab the top spot. I feel like he beat Phil pretty handily last year but the politics/judging did not agree with that. Judges may throw Jay the 3rd place spot but lord I hope not. I wouldn't hate Rhoden coming in 3rd again.

My prediction:
Phil Heath, USA
Kai Greene, USA
Shawn Rhoden, USA
Jay Cutler, USA
Dexter Jackson, USA
Dennis Wolf, Germany
Branch Warren, USA
Cedric McMillan, USA
Roelly Winklaar, Curacao
Mamdouh Elssbiay, Kuwait
Victor Martinez, Dominican Republic
Brandon Curry, USA
Evan Centaponi, USA
Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland

I really do hope that Flex wins the 212 Showdown. He reminds me of Lee Priest who is one of my favorite bodybuilders. David Henry will most likely give him tons of trouble though. It will be an interesting showdown between the two

I agree that Steve Cook will probably win the Men's Physique. Even if he does not have as good of a showing they will still probably give it to him since he is known by both fitness veterans and newbies. They may see it as a way to boost their viewership.


Big Ramy top 3


I would not be mad with that. I just think it is unlikely. Yeates, Heath, and Flex Wheeler are the only three people in roughly the past twenty years to place top 3 in their Olympia debuts. It would sure as hell make for an interesting story though.


I'm more interested in the 212 showdown than the already determined mass monster division.

I can see Jose Raymond giving Flex Lewis is a big run for his money.

I wish Mark Dugdale was in, not sure how Tricky is in, non impressive upper body.

Also wished Aaron Clark was in it, especially with how he looked at the NY Pro...


Hopin' Roelly Winklaar places well. He's got a great story (almost died in a car wreck and a great physique.


1) Cutler
2) Kai
3) Heath

Don't think it's likely but would be awesome.