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Olympia '09 Discussion


Sick of all the lame threads about cutting at 155lbs?

Sick of TBT vs Splits bullshit?

This forum is getting pretty gay and i'm inspired by big peeled fuckers and truthfully i do feel a bit puffy and none vascular at my wopping 210lbs. THINK I'M GOING TO QUIT AND DIET DOWN FOR SUMMER?

Fuck no, i'm too tall to cut yet and w/out the muscle maturity/density of guys like Stu and 1morerep. I will manipulate my carbs and bump the protein to maintain a leaner BF% = or less than 15% but i will not abandon my goal of 230lbs before leaning out!!!!

Anyway, Olympia will be sick this year.

Dexter from what i gather is looking sharp as always. Jay might shock us all and win #3. Phil is going to win it's just a matter of when and how soon. Kai might be the biggest and conditioned on the stage, if you can make Phil seem smaller than you are a big fucker. Victor's legs and conditioning are the only thing keeping him from an O. Wolf's time off might be a blessing, if he can bring up his calves and come in full who knows!

That's the top 5 right there Dex, Jay, Kai, Phil, Vic, and Wolf. Evan will be top three in three years.

My pic's Phil, Kai, Dexter in that order unless Jay fucking does some crazy shit and wins! I'd like to see Kai win but that's simply because i like him the most, i'm a Kai nutthugger.


Thank you bro. I don't really get why so many guys on this forum wanna make TBT so popular. I don't get why so many guys at 170, 160 or less pounds wanting to cut think they really built muscle.

Really, those two topics (cutting at lightweights and split vs TBT) should be banned from the bodybuilding forum, at least for some time.


hai guyz im 5'9" 155lbs you think i should do the 2 way or 3 way DC splitz?!?!

Anyways, yeah. I'm pumped for the O. It's going to be a battle.


I feel like the only person in the world that thinks Dexter is the best and has what it takes to hold the olympia title for a while.


Certain politics and certain "views" have slowly begun to erode our once unique lifestyle. We have a poster proclaiming his desire to not be bigger, in a bodybuilding forum because "its okay to be normal" in a bodybuilding forum. We have guys refusing to gain a single pound because they will loose their hawt abz but still want 18' biceps. Punched in chests, leg development of a formerly wheel chair bound person, and the back width (even though they do pull-ups) of a 10 year old girl. That is society's take on a bodybuilder.

Meanwhile the true beasts, the freak curling 225, the guy zoning out holding 140lb DBs getting ready to make them defy gravity, and the disgustingly lean bastard pulling 495 off the floor, are shunned and all their achievements dismissed as nothing more than a byproduct of heavy steroid usage. We need to take our lifestyle and sport back

As for the Olympia, IMO anybody will dwarf Heath. The bigger man when on, will outshine the smaller man. Big Jay was looking tighter. Haven't seen anything coming from Wolf's camp but lets how Chad "Wonder Boy" Nicholls doesn't fuck him over again, Victor: he needs that sandow, as for Kai I think he will stir things up pretty damn good if not take the damn show.


My thoughts,

Dexter- Will be Dexter. Around the same package he brought last year, you can't expect him to make many changes. Is Dexter from last year or slightly better able to win the O again? I don't think so.

Heath- This very well could be his year. Hes constantly improving and adding to his physique. His conditioning is also spot on. I see him as a favorite coming into this show.

Jay- Hes tough for me to decide where he'll end up. Of course his conditioning is something hes been off with lately, but what if he nails it? In the past, I never liked Jay's physique, but now it has grown on me. Hes the biggest dude in contention for this title and its hard not to look his way. On a side note, Hany Rambod is NOT doing his diet this year, Jay's doing it himself (again).

Kai- After his Arnold and Australia victory hes got alot of momentum. People will be looking at him to shake things up. Hes one of the bigger dudes and gets really conditioned. I just don't think he has the lines to beat a Phil Heath.

Victor- My favorite as some of you may know. I think he is one of the biggest, most aesthetic bodybuilders in a while. However, he needs to bring up his legs (left leg) and dial in his conditioning. If he can manage to do that, he has a very good chance at this. I doubt it though.

Wolf- Claims he lost 20lbs the last week of the show because he went low carb and couldn't fill out again. If Wolf can come on stage 20lbs heavier this year, WOW. His frame and proportions are nuts. He can certainly make things happen. Unfortunately for him, I feel that hes up against to many great competitors this year.

So thats my top 6 (in no order). Let me order them now.

2-Dexter, last years champ won't be any lower than 2nd IMO. (politics or w.e)

Wolf and Victor could be switched. Kai and Jay can also be switched, but we all know that Jay gets favored here (by the judges).

This years O will be possibly one of the greatest. Lets not forget that Branch, Silvio, Freeman, Melvin, Dennis James and others will be there too.


So you guys didnt like the "I have 11 inch arms, would 14.5 look toooo big???", seriously who r these people??? Back to whats important

I firmly believe this will be the most highly contested Olympia in Olympia history, I cant think of a year that was half as competitvie as this years will be.

Dexter- the current title holder, the improvements he can make are minor,hes near perfection for what his body can allow, hes such a great competitor but I feel like hes one and done a la Chris Dickerson.

Heath- Another full year off for him, and I predict another wow presentation just like last year, hes my fav to win it all.

Kai-Will bring the size and conditioning he had at the Arnold plus some, heres the problem I see with Kai winning, so lets say he nails his size and conditioning, and so does Heath, when you line them up side by side Heath is just so much more aesthetic than Kai and I think that will be enough to get the nod

Victor- Victor will be Victor unfortunately thats not enough to win the title in my opinion, he can do anywhere from 3rd-6th

Wolf- the ultimate wild card IMO, I heard he plans on coming to the stage 10-20lbs heavier than last year, if its in the right places that may be just what the doctor ordered, nail the conditiong and get that grainy look, do the simple shit correctly like getting his color down and he may have it. I can see 1st-5th for him. He really can do anything.

Jay- Well the 2 time Mr O got a gift last year, the judges must really love him becuase he was nowhere near top 3 last year, I expect some type of shortcoming from him again, I wouldnt put him in my top 5 but I cant see the judges dissing him like that

My predictions...


His calves need improvement but at this point, I believe its entirely a genetic flaw

I agree with Heath being an All-American Weider boy he will get the nod before Kai. I think Kai holds a better shape. Even though his midsection is at danger of expanding, his possesses an X-frame that's undeniably (IMO) superior to Heaths.

I have a feeling that he might end up getting the shaft and be placed under Weider's cronies. They did the same damn to Centopani over at Flex's coverage of the show. "How will young Centopani due up against all those seasoned pros?" He will spank Weider boy ass thats what. They had Silvio over him. Pfft. Like hell. Politics will be Wolf's breaking point IMO.

Who the hell knows what Jay might end up looking like. An 01 shape is wishful thinking though


It's funny how little talk there is on the bodybuilding forum, about bodybuilding!

As for the O, can't wait...it's getting interesting like it was in the late 90's.

7.Branch :slightly_smiling: (I hope!!!)


See now..... if they really want to shake things up... why don't they run an article which is a Prof-X interview? Sure it would be controversial with some of the writers but it would be great drama. They already interviewed that dude from the steriods forum. Why not get Prof X's point of view. i think it would be classic.


Turbo Mysterio i agree about the weider politics thing, shit it's getting like lobbying and politics w/ all the supplement companies, we all know WHICH one.

If Kai brings up his delts a little more and keeps hammering his arms whist keeping the midsection in check and his conditioning is even a little sharper he wins the whole damn thing!!!!!! I love dexter and phil but Kai will stick it to the weider twins.

Sidebar: just finished arms: haney's, weight dips, close grip bench, pressdowns to rope pressdowns, scott curls, standing alt. dumbell curls, hammer curls, 21's and i'm out!!!!!

Biggest fucker in my gym is 10 weeks out for his show, looks like Cutler literally. He's 5'10" coming down from 310lbs looking to step on stage at 260lbs i believe.

Famous quote: "Big dude, an all the way big dude."


Wolf - I him to win but I don't think he will

Kai 1

Heath 2

Wolf 3

Jay to get a hair cut an retire


Whats fuckin awesome bout this years olympia is that the top 10 will be fuckin amazing and so competitive.
Kai, Dex, Jay, Victor, Wolf, Phil, Tony, Branch, Silvio, Evan if he competes....................

Im a huge Kai fan and want him to win so bad... Im really impressed with how Dex is looking at some of his guest posings. Phil at Pittsburg wasn't impressive (i know its off season but Dex blow him away).

What more interesting is that is that there is about six guys who could actually win that shit!!!! Whoever comes in most full and most shredded wins the show. Oscar and Kai know there shit. I saying Kai wins.... :slightly_smiling:

Cant wait for this show!


Is there going to be a net stream or anything?

I normally youtube or download the shower but i already know the results when I watch it!


my predictions:
for 1 and 2 will be jay versus dexter.
for 3 and 4 will be kai versus victor.
for 5 and 6 will be james versus freeman.
forget about heath, he hasnt the structure for be mr olympia.( narrow back/shoulders )
forget about wolf, he hasnt enought thickness for be mr olympia. ( back and legs )
forget about silvio samuel, he is a little dude, no matter how conditioned he is. ( little overall )
no one of them will be a top 6 contender this olympia, but dont forget ruhl and warren, they wil do some damage.

PD:for all jay´s critics remember he´s the only one that defeated king ronnie.


Yeah, BB.com always streams the Mr. O.



European show on today in 4 1/2 hrs

CT's guy Amit is in it.

Pretty good lineup.


Definitely will be a good one this year. Here's my cynical predictions:

Heath: Great physique, but even if he brings the entire package, the judges will think he's too young and won't give him higher than 2nd because he hasn't put in his time.
Wolf: Same deal as Heath. I was a huuuuge fan of his 2007 physique but last year really didn't blow me away, especially to warrant taking the entire year off to improve. IMO he will be punished for not paying his dues regardless of physique.
Victor: I really wish he had won in 07, but I don't think he can hold off the current crowd of talent.
Jay: Will drop a few spots UNLESS he really cuts down the size and brings an entirely different package. It seemed to me the Olympia decided to slowly move away from the mass monsters, and now that Jay is dethroned they can go further. That being said, mass is still huge in the Olympia.
Dexter: Great all-around physique, but just doesn't have that wow factor to have him winning multiple Olympias.
Kai: Winner. I was thoroughly impressed by his Arnold appearance this year, he brings a ton of size. Definitely not as "aesthetic" as a lot of the other top competitors, but also doesn't have the blockiness typically associated with the mass monsters (ie Jay).

Anyway just my thoughts. If I were to make a prediction it would be:


As for the Weider thing, that nonsense is troublesome. The one thing that gives me solace, as I haven't read the mags in a while, but I remember they had the biggest boner for Peter Putnam for like 3 solid years before he finally even went pro. He had a decent physique, but was your prototypical Weider boy, and I'm glad the judges didn't automatically elevate him for that nonsense.


Cyrus - I think it would be a good idea to change the title of this thread. Maybe "Bodybuilding Discussion" or some shit.

Anyways - My diet guy (and many others) Ken "Skip" Hill is competing in the NPC Jr. USAs this weekend. I'm really excited to see how he does.


Good luck to Skip... He's probably coming in twice as peeled as everybody else