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Oly Training Routine


Hey there first time posting, been around the site for quite some time reading and taking in information.

Well here's the thing. I want to really work on olympic lifting as I am really getting into it, so I need a good routing from someone. I currently have a set workout plan for mon, and wed (full body lift) and would like to add in specialized lifting for oly lifting friday or sat. I am able to do multiple workouts a day if that is what the routine would call for. I currently clean 245 and have begun really working on jerk which is around 205, looking to push that to 245 also. I also am working on snatch technique now and want that that incorporated into the workout so i can start getting better at it.

If anyone could post up an intense and great routine it would be greatly appreciated thanks!


Do this

His site has plenty of good info as well. He is an accomplished lifter, thrower, general strongman, and not just an internet warrior. He has great advise about lots of stuff.

I hope this helps.

If at all possible get a coach or at least someone familiar with the lifts to help you for a while. Little tips and stuff they can help you with will really help progress as you get better.


Check out Chad Vaughn's site, google Olyathlete it will be at the top

Look back through the meet program it's a 10 week and there's a beginners program you could look through as well. There are also videos up on the site of the assistance exercises if you have questions.

PM me and I can send you the 10 week meet prep in a file if your interested.

Also, I'm in complete agreement to find a local coach and work with them.


I'm going to use this but I have one question. Am i going up in weight on each set or do i set a weight and stick with it?


Same weight every workout. If you get through a workout with no misses you go up in weight next training session.