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Oly Technique Help

Hey guys,
Lately I’ve been studying for my CSCS and considering doing an Oly cycle (I’ve PL focused for a while) after my Strongman comps this summer. Anyway, my question is:

1.Can someone explain (in idiot terms) the scoop/transition phase of the snatch and C&J? My form on the “power” variations of both lifts is alright, but I don’t really have any differentiation between first and second pull (i.e. first pull goes directly into second pull w/o much transition).

  1. If I ever want to compete in Oly lifting, is this a problem? (Not from a judging standpoint, but from a “it’ll hold your total back” standpoint.)

Thanks, guys.


Think of it like this:

As the bar leaves the floor it immediately starts travelling back towards the lifter, meaning the lifter has to push the knees back in order for the bar to pass. As it is optimal to keep the bar as close as possible throughout the lift as soon as the bar passes the knees the lifter begins to shift the knees back under the bar and draws the bar towards himself using his lats (arms are still straight). When the hips are driven through the thighs will make contact with the bar and “scoop” it upwards.

Technically it’s fine within the rules, but once you actually get it nailed you’ll be surprised how much faster and easier your lifts will feel.