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Oly Shoes

i am going to get some oly shoes for gerneral use as well as o bar work.

problem is i dont know how well they should fit.

i guess snug, but what about some mvt so i could stand on tip toe (as in snatch, driving off toes)

The pair are addidas ironman (the only ones i have seen).

You might want to look at the adidas “Equipment” at dynamic-eleiko.com. they are more expensive but worth the money. They have 3 velcro straps instead of one. This provides a much tighter fit. Mine have lasted for almost six years now. I paid $154 including shipping. I don’t think that the price has gone down much in since I bought mine. I feel that they have been well worth the investment. By the way, Bud at dynamic-eleiko.com can answer your question regarding proper size.

thanks, but i am in the uk, so would get stung on import (unfortunately). thse are about the same cost (uk) and i wont have to wait!

Many thanks for your advice.

They should fit like a leather dress shoe. A bit snug.