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Oly Shoes with 1 Inch Heel


Are there any decent shoes out there with a 1" heel? My Kanamas are slowly starting to fade and I would like to get a replacement with the same 1" heel. Everything from Nike ad Adidas seems to have .75"?

These are the only weightlifting shoes I have owned, so I am not sure just how big a deal that .25" is, but at 6'3" with long limbs, my guess is it would be very noticeable (I'm going out on a limb here and assuming the pitch is a few degrees larger).


The VS Athletics have a higher heel. Haven't looked at them lately, but they were higher than normal usually.

Also, you can add heel height to most shoes. I did it the cheap way for my Rom's (I), by using the comp insole and trimming the training insole to add heel height. It messed me up, so I eventually took them back out. However, while they were in, they worked great. And, they were right about 1/4" thick (0.250" on my micrometer).