Oly, Powerlifting, & Sprint/Jump Log

Just opening this up, am starting a new training phase this Monday.
Current stats
Age 21
Weight 155

ATG Squat 350
Deadlift 455
Standing over head press 180
Snatch 180
Clean and jerk 225

My first few weeks will be laying the foundation, with a lot of good core work, and me utilizing the benefits of the overhead squats and snatch grip deadlifts to lay the foundation for the back squat and deadlift later on.

Reps will be very high, weight will be low to start with for the compound lifts, assistance lifts will be closer to max reps and sets.

Cut a lot of weight for a fight, over 25lbs, so lost a lot of strength.

Starting light, building bck up.
This session was real short, as I am feeling very ill from cutting weight.

Overhead squats
40kg 5x5
Military Press
50kg 10 reps, 40kg 20 reps, 30 kg 30 reps
1 arm dumbbell bench press
15kg 5x15 reps (Really tired by this point, fitness and strength dropped a lot from the cut)
1 arm dumbbell arnold press
15kg 5x10

Really not happy, but am resting tomorrow, and should be back to normal after a day of good clean food.

Overhead squat felt crazy hard, my shoulders and triceps were the first things to give out, really odd feeling.
I do like this movement very much though and am training it with my chest tricep push day

I slept for 17 hours straight last night, which shows just how much the weight cut messed me up. I have trouble usually sleeping 7 hours as I get a bit of insomnia sometimes.

Today I still felt very bad, but felt I lifted a lot better than day before.

Snatch grip deadlifts
100kg 5x5
Bent over rows - strict form
60kg 10x10
Barbell bicep curls
30kg 10x10

Im taking tomorrow off, as Im clearly very worn down, I was barbell curling 50kg for 10 reps a few weeks ago.

And in case you are wondering, I was cutting weight for a fight.

Felt a nice big pump in my biceps on the rows and curls, eating a lot also so hopefully should put on a lot of weight again and get back up to where i was.

Just waiting to get my overhead squats and snatch grip deads up before I start the hard training I have planned.

10kg increase for overhead squat and 20kg for snatch grip deads as I am not lifting at max at the moment. And then I will start training very high volume.

Writing this as I train or I will forget sets and reps, so am editing as I go.

Overhead squats
40kg 10x5

Barbell floor press - two 45lbs plates under upper back/shoulders to increase range of motion essentially a bench press, but I dont have a bench
90kg 5x5

Standing military press
50kg 5x10

1 arm dumbbell chest press
15kg (not much weight for dumbbell right now, my olympic plates dont fit on them.
5x20 (felt like a waste of time so i stopped, going to do it next week when i get some more weight for the bells.

1 arm standing arnold press
15kg 5x10
Felt hard, after military press, good weight. next week 10x10
WOW what a difference a few days of good food and eating like a horse make.
SERIOUSLY easy, no where near maxing, where as last time, overhead squatting just 5x5 almost put me into a coma. Now double the sets, and the weight is feeling very light. Its still a crazy hard exercise but just feels so much easy and Im really pumped to be training.

Snatch grip deadlift
100kg 10x5
-Felt tough after set no.5, but no problems today.
Going to do 5x5 then 10x5 increasing 2.5kg at a time, up
to 110kg, then go back to 100kg and do 5x10 and 10x10 up
to 110kg again, then start at 112.5 at 5x5 and 10x5

Bent over rows
65kg 10x10

  • I love this exercise, Im doing it for assistance
    purposes for my snatch grip deads so am going to stay
    at this weight for two more sessions, to bring out my
    lats more, going to try to concentrate on squeezing
    my lats on this one. I dont really care too much
    about having a crazy heavy row, so taking this one

Barbell Curls
30kg 10x10

  • Felt way too light so increasing 2.5kg every until
    I cant reach 10x10, then going to do 5x10 and keep
    upping the weight, then 3x10. So 32.5kg next session

Dumbbell curls
15kg 5x10

  • Was closer to failure on this, going to go for same
    weight and reps next session as Im adding chin ups
    5x10 and 1 arm dumbbell rows next sessions also
    5x10. Reason I didnt do them today is I am wrestling
    tonight and that will fry my lats and biceps anyway.

Good session, pleased with the snatch grip deads. Going up to 102.5kg next session for 5x5, then next session 10x5. Awesome. After another push day and pull day, Im going to add in a day just for olympic lifts - cleans, snatches, push press and alternating between front and back squats.

Just really taking my time, I could be snatch grip deadlifting at least 20kg more, but theres no rush. Im happy with how things are going. Feeling more normal now since the cut.

  • I also wrestled 3 rounds of 5 minutes in the evening. I lifted the above in the morning.
    I was getting bicep cramps all day long, because I dont usually train biceps, just mainly olympic and powerlifting in the past.

Good session again, much more volume to get the strength up to where it was.

Overhead squats
45kg 5x5 - was going to go to 42.5kg 5x5, but couldnt find 1.25kg plates at the time, so bumped on up, was very doable though. No problems. Lovin this exercise right now.

Floor barbell press - plates stacked under shoulders to simulate bench press. (I have no bench at the mo, just squat rack)
90kg 10x5 - pleased with this, just doubled the sets from 5 to 10 since last session

Standing barbell military press
50kg 10x10 - Hard as hell, but got through it. up 2.5kg next week to 5x10

1 arm dumbbell floor press - slow, elbow to floor, back and legs flat on floor, to take momentum out, and focus on triceps
30kg - 10x5 - blasted the triceps, love this one.

1 arm dumbbell arnold press
15kg 10x10 - felt good, nice exercise. same weight and reps next week though.

1 arm dumbbel lateral raises - all the way up to overhead
7.5kg 3x10 - just to hit the delts in a different way. tried to focus on squeezing rear delts

1 arm dumbbell behind the head extensions
Only did this on one arm, as one tricep is lagging WAYYY behind, trying to even things out
3x12 on one side

Close grip push ups (close as possible, thumbs touching)
3x 12-15

GREAT session, focus was really on over head squats, barbell floor press and military press. Enjoyed it. Good volume.

-Snatch grip deadlifts 102.5kg 10x5
(Felt goooood. Grip started getting tired on last few sets though. Up to 105kg 10x5 next session)

-Strict Bent over rows 65kg 10x10
(Same weight as last week, movin up to 67.5 next session, not close to failure on any set, just getting volume in.)

Chin ups 5x10

Ring wide grip pull ups 5x10 (palms facing each other, knuckles facing away) (pronated grip i think its called?)

Upright rows 40kg 10x10

Barbell curls 32.5kg 10x10
Dumbbell curls 15kg 5x10

Long session, working the deads the hardest, everything else is just volume to get my base strength back and put on some size. Upping the weights on the first few exercises next session, keeping set/ rep schemes the same for next few sessions.

Vertical jumps x10 each side
Standing long jumps x10

Overhead squats
45kg 10x5

10x15m sprints - focusing on strength and power rather than speed.

Back squats - Ass to ground
90kg 10x5

Back squats, felt so easy. Used to have trouble doing 5x5 with 90, but after overhead squats and sprints, these were a piece of cake.

Squatting and sprinting seems to be more strong point, big time at the moment. Going to push 2.5kg increase each session until 10x5 110kg, then start implementing conventional deadlifts 5x5 /10x5 instead and just do 1x5 on squats on 90 percent 5 rep max to maintain.

Hey there, nice log. I like your method of training, something for everyone. Looks like your foundation is good.

I noticed in your first couple of posts you said you cut 25 pounds for a fight. Are you in MMA, boxing, etc? And how often do you train for your sport? Or are you just lifting and recovering right now?

Stay strong.

Hey bro, its MMA.
For the fight I was training twice/ three times a day fight training.
Unfortunatley the other guy pulled out.
So now I am enjoying my self, and just doing strength training.

I now do fight training about once a week, I just wanted to take a break from it. I enjoy strength training very much. When I come back to mma i will most likely have to fight in a higher weight division, but I just want to take some time to enjoy the types of training I like. When doing MMA 3 times a day theres no room for weight lifting, so just taking a wee break from MMA.

I should add my bodyweight is currently 75kg

Barbell floor press (2 plates under upper back)
92.5kg 10x5
Military press
50kg 10x10
Dumbbell 1 arm floor press
30kg 10x10
Dumbbell arnold press
15kg 10x10
Dumbbell lateral raises (all the way up, shoulder to ear)
5kg 10x10
Close grip push ups
Tricep dips 5x15
1 arm dumbbel behind head tricep extension
5kg 5x10

Barbell floor press up 2.5kg as planned.
Dumbbell floor press up from 10x5 to 10x10

Just finding out what I am capable of as Im just getting into lifting again. So expect gains to be coming thick and fast the first few weeks.

Just wanted to increase weight on the two floor presses was my goal for today.

Goals to be met in 8 weeks or less.

Back squat
100kg 10x5
110kg 5x5
100kg 1x20

Barbell floor press
100kg 10x5
110kg 5x5

Military press
10x10 55kg

1 arm dumbbell floor press
40kg 10x10

Snatch grip deadlifts
110kg 10x5
120-130kg 5x5

Overhead squats
75kg 5x5
75kg 1x15

So far in all my workouts, Im not close to failure on any 5x5 or 10x5’s on exercises, not close to max, jsut building up slow, so these goals should be very attainable, especially in 8 weeks.

When you do barbell floor presses, how are you getting underneath the bar on the ground? Is someone handing it to you, or are you squatting down, rolling back on your butt, lining up your back on the plates and going after it? Just curious as to your setup.

Also, be interested in what your diet looks like.


Barbell floor press, I put the bar on the bottom of the squat rack (the part where I can leave the bar if I go to failure in the hole on my squat) and I set it to the lowest setting and its just the right length away for me to unrack it on my back to floor press
I have a pair of 20kg plates under my upper back/shoulders to increase the range of motion a little, but when I do the dumbbell floor press, these are flat, no plates. I find the dumbbel flat floor press, with inverted grip (palms facing eachother) REALLY hits my triceps like crazy.
I really like this exercise, simular to close grip bench, but more unstable.

The barbell press is quite arqward, but its the best I can do with the equipment I got right now. Im pretty happy with it.

Diet is pretty clean, lots of carbs in AM, lots of protein in the PM. Protein shake with water upon waking up, immediatley after training and with milk and yoghurt before bed.

When I was fight training, diet was very very strict, now Im trying to get strength and mass up, Im eating what I want within reason, as long as Im getting the nutrients I need, I dont mind taking a some junk food as well, it helps put on weight a bit, and I never seem to put on fat, so it just helps me get in the extra calories for muscle and strength gain.

Typing workout as I do it (home gym), or I will forget what weights sets/reps I did

Snatch grip deadlifts
105kg 10x10
UNGODLY, these are starting to hurt, I try and keep really upright and man, it just hits everything. Its like a squat that works my lats traps and grip too.

Bent over rows 67.5kg 10x10

  • meh

Chin ups 3x15

  • thought Id try some lower set/higher rep chins. Damn the pump, damn it to hell.

Upright rows 40kg 10x10

  • Wayyy to light now, going to increase this 2.5kg each week til I get to 50kg

Barbell curls 10x10 30kg
-Again seemed to light, so going to increase 2.5 each session until Im at 40kg 10x10 and keep it there for a while.

-Snatch grip deads felt much harder today, as legs are sore from squats (was first session squatting and i did sprints and jumps too so body was a bit shocked)
After the 5th set, grip keeps going, I barely make the last rep, I do make it but barely lockout. Going to try and grin and bear it until i get to 110kg 10x5, and use straps after that. But I wont use straps on all sets, only after the 5th set if my grip is giving out. High volume deadlifts are a harsh mistress, high volume snatch grip deadlifts are just a bitch.

Overhead Squat 47.5kg 5x5
Barbell floor press 95kg 10x5
Standing military press 50kg 10x10
Dumbbell floor press 30kg 10x10
Dumbbell arnold press 15kg 10x10
Lateral raises 5kg 10x10
Close width push press 5x15
Dips 5x20
Dumbbell tricep extensions 5x10

Everything easy, weights need to increase 2.5kg next session.
All goals I set to complete by the end of august, seem really reachable, feeling good about training now, no soreness now after push or pull day, just leg/sprint day.
Today was crazy volume, and really felt great all the way through.

Not going to weight my self until the end of the month, but I am hoping to be over 80kg. See what happens. As long as strength is going up, and I reach my powerlifting goals, Im good.


Back day tomorrow, got some chalk to help with the snatch grip deads, so looking forward to ripping some weight off the floor for 10 sets.

[quote]shuddupNsquat wrote:

Snatch grip deadlifts
105kg 10x10


You, sir, are a beast!! I did 6x5 snatch grip deadlifts with 225 lbs (102 kg) with 60 seconds rest and I thought my calluses would have calluses. And you did 70 more reps than I did!

Even if I didn’t have calluses or my grip kept slipping, I don’t know if I could do that or not, so props to you.

What did your training/diet program look like when you were cutting weight for your fight? Just curious as to how you went about doing that, I’ve always been interested in knowing how fighters cut that much weight in a short period of time while somewhat maintaining their strength.

Very few carbs and mostly protein when I was dropping weight. Lots of white meat and fish.

I always eat a lot of carbs in the morning before training and most of my protein in the evening after training. Even now.

Thanks for the kind words, they were without straps or chalk.
I got myself some chalk, I have to do 107.5kg today 10x5.

My grip was strong enough to handle 105 no problem, its just I kept getting sweaty hands after set number 5, and my hands were sliding inwards towards eachother so that by the time I locked out, I was almost in a conventional deadlift double overhand grip. Gey.

Am going to go as high as I can just using chalk at 10x5. At least 110kg.
Goals by the end of summer are 5x5 125kg or more, 140kg 1 set of 5 with straps. 1 rep max of 160kg.

I wont ever use straps on conventional deadlifts, ever. But the snatch grip is training muscles in a different way, and is an accessory exercise to bring up my deadlift, seems pointless to let my grip limit strengthening my muscles, seeing as your arms are stretched out and you are in a weakened position to start with.

Snatch grip deadlifts 107.5kg 10x5
Used straps on 1 set only, made it feel about 10kg lighter, so not going to use these until I get over 110kg at least. Will get as far as possible with just chalk. Love this exercise, bad ass. Chalk seemed to help a lot but I got a killer amount of skin ripped off my hand on the 7TH set, GAY.

Bent over rows 67.5kg 10x10
(Second session at this weight, felt easy, again, upping the weight on these bad boys. Really like this exercise.)

Chin ups
5x10, going for 10x10 next time

Upright rows 42.5kg 10x10
Up to 45kg next session, again pretty easy

Barbell curls 32.5kg 10x10
Up to 35kg next session

1 arm dumbbell rows 30kg 5x10
Going to do 10x10 next time, and 32.5kg, up 2.5kg, just wanted to do 5 sets today on a really light weight to get my body used to this movement. Expect to be doing 40kg 10x10 in 2 weeks and 10x10 with 50kg in about 8 weeks no problem.

Pleased with snatch grip deads, still no problems, looking forward to doing 110kg 10x5 next session.