Oly Lifts

Here’s the deal, I’ve been the sterotypical lurker on the board for a while now and have been impressed by the plethora of information and resources on this site. I’ve done a couple of searches to try and answer my question but decided it would be far more effective to just get a user name and start asking questions. Sorry for the completely unneeded intro but I wanted to make it clear that I actually want to learn and get stronger.

Ive been incorporating Olympic lifts into my workouts and wondered if 5x5 or 4x6 are alright for things like hang cleans and push jerks? Some of the stuff I’ve been reading makes it seem like those lifts should be kept to very low reps. I may be completely off base but any input on rep and set combos for olympic lifts would be great.

I like to keep those at 3 reps or below, and once I get to about 70-75% of my max I just do singles. Anymore than that and my technique starts to get sloppy.

I agree…I would start out with some light triples and work from there. You didn’t meantion it, but I’d defientally recommend doing snatch as well if you have someone that can coach you up with form.

Thanks for the input, and thats a great idea about the snatch. Ill start rotating that into my workouts as well.