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Oly Lifts Instructional DVD

I’ve been incorporating some oly lifts in my workouts and have reached the point where I’ve got the gross mechanics of the lifts worked out – now, I need to fine-tune. Since I don’t have access to a certified coach, I thought the next best thing would be a good, instructional DVD. I’m not looking to compete in the O-lifts but to use them as a boost to over-all sports performance. Right now I’m leaning towards Dan John’s “From The Ground Up”. It looks to be what I’m looking for. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I know Ironmind sells some training hall O-Lift videos. I think they may have an instructional video or two as well. Never used them myself tho, so I dont know how good they are

"From the Ground Up’ Is an excelent DVD and sounds like what you need at this point. Give it a shot.


I am also gonna start to incorporate the Oly lifts into my workouts. I have the “Olympic-style Weightlifting for the Beginner and Intermediate Weightlifter” manual and DVD that Ironmind sells. Jim Schmitz is the author of it, and he was the coach of the US Olympic Team a few times. I think its a pretty good package. Its $40 for the package. The manual has 7 Oly programs in it and the DVD goes through all the programs and how to do the lifts. The DVD is a home production and is a little bit rough in spots but the content is good.

Also, check out Gayle Hatch’s website. He is a former US weightlifting coach. He has some good free on-line video’s of lifting techniques. Not as good as the CDs you can get from Iron Mind, but free and useful. And the teenager he has demonstrating the lifts is phenomenal.

I have the “From the Ground Up” DVD and like it alot. I would recommend purchasing it.

I have been using “Explosive lifting for sports” enhanced edition. it is a combination of a book and a DVD showing the movements.

OK, so I purchased and received “From the Ground Up”(super-fast shipping, btw) and it was good/informative, yes, but-- I was hoping for something a little more in depth.

Whose product is “Explosive Lifting For Sports”?

Would anyone be up for a dvd swap fest?

Thanks for all the input,