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Oly Lifts Accessory Work


I'm going to an oly lift coach beginning in the winter time (during my college break)....I can't right now because my college is too far. In the mean time, I wanted to focus my training on the oly lifts, BUT I obviously don't know how to do them correctly. So, I've been doing accessory work (ie - back, front, overhead squats, military presses, pull ups, DB rows).

Are there any other exercises or tips you can give me?

Let me know of any additional info you guys want from me



Go to californiastrength.com, and follow those snatch/clean progressions. Do it with a broomstick, or barbell. Increase weight only if you feel the form is decent. Spend 10 minutes when you're in the gym by doing those progressions. In the mean time, keep getting stronger... focus on back squat, front squat, push press, pull-ups, and whatever else crap you want, as long as you keep it basic and simple. For overhead squats... don't worry about going too heavy on those, you are better off working with light to moderate loads to get used to the feeling of overhead squatting.


thanks andy. gunna check out the site