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Oly Lifts + 5/3/1


Any comments/ criticism would be appreciated. I'm hesitant to do any heavy squats, because of a nagging hip injury. (feels fine on oly and DL though)

GOALS (8 weeks): Snatch 135, C&J 165

Snatch 6x2 (PR)
3-Pt Clean
Press 5/3/1
Chinups 4x8 (weighted), then 1xMax (BW)

C&J 5x3 (up to 85% PR)
Deadlift 5/3/1
Ring Dips 5x8-15 (weighted and/or BW)

C&J 6x2 (PR)
3-Pt Snatch
Floor Press 5/3/1
RDL 4x8-12

Snatch DL 4x3 (3 sec pause, up to 85% C&J PR)
Snatch 5x3 (up to 85% PR)
Squats 5/3/1 (?), light squats? front squats?
Ring Pushups 4xMax (BW)

Non-Training Days: Empty Barbell Oly Practice (max 15 mins.)

Daily: PLP, GTG (Pistols, Handstands)


If you look in the Over 35 Section of the site Carl Darby has a training log that does OL and 5/3/1 for assistance lifts - plenty of good info via his experience there.

What are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish that lead you to this plan? These answers will help us help you.


unrelated question, what are you current Sn and CnJ?


Current PRs: Snatch 115 CnJ 150. (bodyweight around 150 lbs)

NewWorldMan, Could you link me to Carl Darby's post on Oly and 5/3/1, I couldn't find it.

Right now, my goals are to improve my O-lifts and gain mass (hence the 8-15 rep ranges on assistance exercises). I know I could get better at O-lifts by specializing a little more, but I'm only 18 and I'd like to build a base of all around strength before specializing. I've also only been doing O-lifts for about 3 months.


there really impressive lifts man. You have a 150kg CnJ after only 3 months? damn got any vids?


Haha I'm really sorry man. those are all in lbs.


sweet!!! I love you my men! (yes homo)

seriously, thanks for info

EDIT: and here is the link for OP


Thanks for finding the link!

Page 30 of his journal he provides a detailed template (don't know how to specific posts on this site) including how he prioritizes the O-lits and variants and 5/3/1 for 'assistance'.