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Oly Lifting Video


Don't know if this has been posted before but it's pretty cool so I thought I would share.


cool.. thanx for the post..

Is it just me or is there nothing hotter then chix doing oly lifts?

maybe its just me


A lot of bad form in that video. The girl was snatching and landed forward on both her knees, then works to stand up. Good way to injure yourself.


Alot of novices learning the O-lifts. That has me excited. There was also alot of examples of good form. I agree that the girl that fought from her knees should have bailed out, but....


nothing gives me wood like the theme from top gun.


Yeah, that's true.


fer freakin shizzel


Dude spends FOR-EH-VUR chalking his hands in the beginning, I never spend that long.