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Oly Lifting Toe Angle

I’ve been reading some inconsistent information about toe angle when Oly Lifting. Some stuff I read says to stay shoulder width apart, with toes pointing forward or very slightly out. Other stuff I read says that the toes should be in line with the knees and to stand slightly wider than shoulder width.

I’ve been working on power snatches, cleans, and front squats for about a month and I am able to overhead squat below parallel if I am quite a bit wider than shoulder width and my toes point quite a bit as well. If I keep myself shoulder-width toes straight I can’t go very deep at all. Should I pursue developing the mobility and flexibility to go below parallel with feet shoulder width and not pointed?

The ideal starting stance is the one you use for jumping or the “athletic-position” with feet usually at or slight wider than shoulder width. Your foot position will change after you have finished the pull and for a lot lifters it will be wider or the same as the original position. For toe angle do what is most comfortable and allows you to reach depth. Working on mobility is good, but each person’s body is different and what is “ideal” may not be ideal for you.