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OLY Lifting Stretches

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to some techniques that would help in mastering the front squat and snatch squats. I’ve tried static stretches of the triceps, forearms, pecs, lats and hip flexors as well as the hams in addition to targeted foam rolling of the muscle groups involved for these two exercises.

I have an EXTREMELY hard time squatting with arms straight overhead for the snatch squats and my upper arms are not parallel to the floor on the front squats.

I’ve been practicing for two months straight and all I have are extremely sore wrists and a constant bruise on my throat. ANY suggestions to help would be much appreciated.

could it be your shoulders/triceps are too weak?

also if your back requires a lot of effort to keep it self straight you cant concentrate on your grip/technique.

Shoulder dislocates with a broom handle have been great for increasing snatch flexability for me.

You might have to start really wide, but just try and bring your grip in over time.

Also, with front squats I just gritted my teeth and accepted the pain. Probably not the pefect solution tho.

I have found front squats give my upper back a hard workout so upper back weakness/flexability might be something to look at too (or I could be WAY off the mark there).

Dislocates as Hanley mentioned are great. You can also do these with a band for a slightly different feel. When you get to the tight spot don’t just carry on through it - hold it there for a while, then carry on. Move your grip in a little and repeat.

Overhead squat with just the bar and sit in the bottom - you’ll feel yourself dropping lower. Make sure you’re pushing up on the bar the whole time - shrug your traps and pull the bar apart. You can also do wall squats and sit in the bottom.

Stretch your calves with straight legs and bent legs.