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Oly Lifting: Squat vs. Split Style


What are the pros and cons of the split style and squat style?
I have long legs and find it difficult to squat down into a full squat to recieve the weight and most of my lifts look like power variations because of this. I am fooling around with the split style yet I find this a little more complicated. I would guess the squat stlye adds more power and was wondering if I should focus on squat style or move onto split stlye?


I woud use both , variation is good.
if you just keep doing squats all the time then you?ll reach a limit , (your muscles is to used to the training)
When you feel like that you dont grow / are getting any stronger anymore then you shoud aim for another exercies, maybe the split style you talked about.


i would recommend getting a coach and an evaluation. i doubt you actually have some sort of physiological problem with squatting deep. maybe a form issue, flexibility, do you have proper shoes? could be anything really. can you squat deep normally? because not being able to catch the bar in full squat is normal for beginners. I would highly recommend going squat style, this isnt an issue of variation. you need to find the way in which you can lift the most weight. weightlifting isnt a sport of variation, find your strengths and exploit them.


Thanks for the replies, I am just too new to oly lifting to squat down fast, I think I will look for a coach. Overhead squat will probally help out alot right? Focused on these today and hit 5x5 at 95, perfect deep squats all 25 reps.


Maybe not at the start or to get it working but later on he shoud realy changed practises sometimes. first due to much pressure on back and that you shoud regualy changed your exercies, check "dave talks hyptertrophy" about the squat thing . Good luck with your squating BullGooseLoney


With the squat style pulling the bar in a (nearly) straight line is critical, since in the bottom position there is little room for error or you would fall backwards or forwards.

With a wider split stance this is not so much of a problem. However, with practice you should be able to go much deeper with a squat than a split, which in turn would allow you to snatch more weight.

The fact that all Olympic standard athletes use the squat snatch suggests that this is the one to go for. Simply try lots of stretching and form practice to improve the squat movement.



Yes, definitely get a coach. If you go to the Goheavy.com olympic weightlifting forum and post asking about coaches in your area you will almost certainly get a response.

OHSQs are great for flexibility. Do them and front squats with the bare bar and with a broomstick, as well as a warm-up; the weight actually makes getting intot the bottom position a little easier, so stretching with less weight can be a little more challenging.

Good luck!