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Oly Lifting in Portland, Oregon?



I haven't the slightest idea where to post this, but since I'm well over 35 (lol, and waaaaa) figured I'd start here.

Can anyone recommend an oly lifting coach in Portland, Oregon? I know there are websites and federations and all that, but I'm looking for a person-to-person referral.

By way of introduction: long time lifter, more than 20 years at the iron game; bit of an egghead--not an athlete by any means--but I can raise some eyebrows at the local gym. My children are now old enough to start lifting, and I'd like to get them into oly lifts as a start. Have had good luck with coaches over the years--lots of great people--but nobody with real olympic experience.

Would be great to find a gem here in town, but I'm a realist; Portland is 20 miles outside of bumblefu*k--not exactly the center of the universe--so the opportunities are probably limited. Nevertheless, there might be something great nearby, and if anyone knows about it, they probably read T-Nation. Fingers crossed.



It’s a bit of a drive but Sam McLean in Salem is great. Knowledgable, passionate, and he makes training fun. Bit of a drive, but the dude’s legit. samm@fitfx.com is his email


Loprini’s Gym at SE 41st & Division has power & Olympic lifting coaches and a couple of lifting platforms. I have friends who have hired them and had good things to say. http://www.loprinzisgym.com


Awesome! I will look into both.

Thank you very much.