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Oly Lifting for Sports...

I’m currently training boxing and jiu jitsu and have two days a week to lift. I’ve been using this time to hang snatch/ clean and press. My assistance lifts; Pullups, 1 arm push ups, snatch grip DL (when my schedule allows for recovery). I’ve been enjoying the strength and explosive gains I feel come with Oly lifts, but I have hit a wall. My hang snatch seems to have stalled out around 125-135 lbs depending on the day. I’m wondering if there are any suggestions on how to keep my numbers on snatch progressing. Thoughts?

If you’re “oly lifting for sports” I feel like you should be measuring your progress by gains in performance in your sport, as opposed to gains in the weight room. Training to lift more and training to be a better athlete in your chosen sport are two different things, though the difference can be subtle at times. I know this doesn’t really help at all but that’s my take on it.

I suppose I could tell you it’s just a bit of a plateau and all you gotta do is clean the sand out of your vagina and work through it. But that’s not really helping either now is it.

Haha actually both perspectives help. Although I was admittedly hoping for something like:

You’re probably doing ABC wrong.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I stop seeing progress weekly I start looking for a problem to fix, so instead I’ll take your advice. Testicles descended, cock un-tucked. I’ll keep lifting and stop bitching.

I think you need to give more information about what you are currently doing if you really want some practical advice that might help you break through this plateau. There could be a number of things going wrong, but, until more info is given, it is just a guess at this point as to what you may need to do.

What setxrep schemes do you currently use? Is 125-135 your 1RM? 3RM? 5RM? How long have you been following the same snatch progression? When was the last time you took a deload week? etc…

All that being said, if I had to guess, I would have to say you probably just need a little variation (with either your sets,reps,and weight or the actual variation of the lift). Here is a simple progression that works really well:

Week 1 3x5@ a weight that you can sucessfully complete all lifts with still a little in the tank
Week 2 4x4@ a weight slightly heavier than week 1 (around 5%)
Week 3 5x3@ a weight slightly heavier than week 2 (around 5%)
Week 4 4x2@ a weight slightly heavier than week 3 (build up to a 2RM on the last set if you feel up to it)
Week 5 3x5@ build up to the weight from week 2
Week 6 etc…

Also, consider changing up the variation of the lift…do close grip snatches, split snatches, snatches from the blocks, snatches with isometric pauses prior to the concentric, etc…

Anyway, as Jonty said, the main area of focus is to see how the lift carry over to your sport (i.e. improved explosive power, improved work capacity/power endurance, etc). But I just wanted to provide some ideas based on your expressed desire to improve upon your current snatch