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Oly Lifting Books


Wouldn't mind having a good reference book for Weightlifting. I hear Tommy Kono's book is good, but I have also heard good things about The Weightlifting Encyclopedia.
Anyone have any of these titles (or know of any other)?
Thank you,


i have the weightlifting encyclopedia and it was really helpful. Kinda difficult to find though.


Not really. They carry it at Elite FTS and Ironmind.

Check the full list of titles available at both sites...


I guess my mistake looking for local bookstores to have it! Looking in the wrong place...


Seems tricky to get Kono's book. This is all I've found, repeated on dozens of websites:

WEIGHTLIFTING, OLYMPIC STYLE .... By Tommy Kono - (No Website)

Tommy Kono, World and Olympic Weightlifting Champion and coach in three Olympic games, reveals his knowledge and experiences to cut your time and effort to reach the top in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. (Text and Illustrations by Tommy Kono.) Written especially for Olympic Lifters.

Make Check or Money Order Payable to Tommy Kono, (Do not mail cash, no credit card or COD orders.) Priced @ $30.00 per copy (Tax included.) USA S&H $4.50 TOTAL $ 34.50 Canada & Mexico S&H is $8.00 per book. All other countries S&H is $10.00 per book. Mail Order to: Hawaii Kono Company P.O. Box 2192 Aiea, HI 96701


Good to know. Thanks!