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Oly Lifting and Skeletons

So like the title would have you think, I’m labeled as a skeleton king in my gym; 121 ILBS 5’8 and 7% (male) inb4 eat more.

Now currently I just hit a 135 clean (took about 7 attempts to get under it)
a 95 ILB snatch (full not power)

Front squat 1RM currently at 175 (paused)
low bar at 205 (paused)

I have no coach but I do have solid form (an OLY lifter at my gym told me it was “pretty damn clean”.

OK stats out of the way, Am I progressing properly? I gain 1/4 pound to 1 pound a week in weight and I train 5 days a week (2 oly days 2 assistance and 1 mobility)

been lifting seriously for a year and oly only for 5 months and yes I have adipowers :slight_smile:

thanks and apologies in advance if i’m just in the wrong in general here

That’s decent progress for your weight; however, this is the issue. You may have noticed that most successful weightlifters have a more compact physique, i.e. a higher weight/height ratio. At 5’8, you’ll probably have to be at least 160-170 to really be good at this…

Our 56 kilo lifter (15yrs old) cleans 105k and snatches 80k. He is close to your height.

I think there is plenty of room for improvement at your weight and body. You are progressing fine, but if I were you I would not tell myself that I had arrived. You would be well served to join a barbell club with an experienced coach.

That’s insanity at 15, that’s one strong kid. Thanks for the replies guys at least I’m headed in the right direction.

Post a video of your lifts so we can have a look. Olympic lifts are always measured in kgs as your weight should be, otherwise it gets confusing! As has been mentioned it looks like you are heading in the right direction but it sounds to me like you don’t eat anywhere near enough. Post your diet so we can look at that too.

Also, you have a day of ‘mobility training’. What is that exactly? Do your mobility work outside of the gym or before/after your workouts and switch that mob day for another day to work on technique and getting a bigger squat (and therefore bigger legs).