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Oly Lifters' Back


I just wanted to share some pics that I've recently came across.



Lifter on the previous picture is A. Pisarenko.
On this picture is David Rigert


Sorry for the previous post:

Here is Rigert:

And here are pics of Ivanchenko:

I think we all agree that they have impressive backs.


probably has something to do with all that pulling...




DAMN!!, some big backs


OL backs doesnt impress me as much as their legs development.

I'm training with 2 guys who O lifted in the olympics once or twice..
If you look at them, they are not very low on % body fat (15-17%) but damn, they're legs are VERY big and I see every muscle fiber working as if their legs were very cut.

That's astonishing how most of the strong OLifter i meet are weighting 140-150pounds but they C&J 150kg..at ..16-17 years old?


Yeah! I expect the trap development. It's the front squat legs that surprise me. There was guy at the first oly meet I saw, about my age (20, maybe a year or two older). He had normal bodyfat (you know, 8-12%), but his quads were as cut as a bodybuilder's are in contest shape. Freaky-cool!


Those are some phenomenal backs! Both PL and OL backs are, by far, more freaky than BBer backs to me.

(best looking one I've ever seen IMO was the PL who cut up and weighed in at something like 265, forgot his name, but his spinal erectors were HYOOOOOGE!)


Dave Gulledge




google imagas doesn't seem to come up with a back shot. got one?

btw, he looks like a smaller guy.




[quote]Hrastnik wrote:

And here are pics of Ivanchenko:


Got spinal erectors??!!

Man, you can't even see the spine, big ol valley.


Yes, thanks.