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Oly Lift Stretches

I’ve read that while doing cleans, the last position you end up in is with the bar resting on your shoulders and your upper arms parallel to the floor.

Well, I cant quite get my elbows that high up.

What are some stretches/exercises I could do to help me get into the correct finishing position??

Forearm/wrist stretch by using e.g Your Left hand pressing against the top of your fingertips of your Right, as if your trying to have your knuckles touch the top of your wrist. Then use the Right for the Left.

As an Olympic Weightlifting Coach could I give my two cents worth.

With a weight in the squat racks about what the photo shows. 60kg no lighter.

Stand in front of the weight with your grip about one inch wider than your clean grip. Now move into the position as if you were going to do a back squat.

Keep the weight on the racks at all time. Now bring up your elbows as high as you can while keeping the weight on the back off the Traps. Get someone to push them up in the PNF movement.

Do this about three times at a time.
Then bring the hands closer about 1/2 inch for another set. Do this until you are one inch closer than your clean grip. Your elbows will come up in no time.

Also remember yoe have to bring your elbows up really fast when you are cleaning

Hope this helps,