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Oly Coaches/Gym In Bay Area

I was wondering if anyone could recommend an olympic lifting coach or gym in the bay area (east bay or even San Francisco). I’d like to learn all the lifts properly and it’d be nice too if it was a gym equipped for it.

I’ve checked out http://www.sportspalace.org/ online, and I think I might give them a call, but if there’s any other recommendations, I’m open.

there’s a lot of info on this link:


where exactly are you? i’m in san jose, and was looking into a team called the athlete’s congress that trains in a Gold’s Gym here. there’s also a link to their site on the link i posted above.

Thanks for the link. I think that’s where I found the sports palace link. I’m moving back to Walnut Creek pretty soon, and was hoping to find something closer in that area. San Jose would be a tough drive for me.