Oly and Combat

Hi everyone, i am looking for 3day’s olympic weighlifting(and a little exercises like row,bench press etc) program for sport.I train boxing in monday wednesday and thursday.I want to train at gym in tuesday,friday and sunday.I know that it might seem a lot of work,but I have good recovery,moreover I love both a combat sport and a gym(especially olympic lifting).When I started train Oly lift my punch and kick got fantastic speed,I combined also 3times combat sports and training like 5/3/1 wendler for athlete or westside barbell, but Oly Lifting is much better for fast,strong,stretch and mobility.I thinking about this one :
-Muscle Snatch ramp to 3 sets x 3 reps constant weight
-Power clean ramp to 3 sets x 3 reps constant
-bench press 5x5 constant and superset with dumbell row 5x5
-back squat 5x5 constant
-short complex for conditioning,max 10minutes
-Push Press from the neck5x5 constant weight
-hang snatch 3x3 constant
-high pulls 3x5reps
-paused front squat 8setsx3reps
-Power snatch 3x3
-Power clean and Push Press 3x3
-pendaly rows 5x5 constant
-front squat 2double 5x5
-drop snatch 3sets x 8reps
-little conditiong

Sorry for my english.

My recomendation: 2 workouts, you alternate them both each time you train. So firts week would be A-B-A and second week B-A-B.

Snatch: work up to a heavy single or double, then take some kilos off and do 3 sets of 2 reps
Power clean+Push press: samme as snatch
Front squat: 3x3, 5x5, or something you like
Bench press: 3x5
Barbell row: 3x6

Power snatch: same as snatch
Clean and jerk: same
Back squat: like front squat
Overhead press: 3x5
Chin-ups: 3xMax

I train Oly and train BJJ twice a week. I only lift about 2-3 days a week but follow the days in order from the program below (I add some extra rowing work in the program). I also manage to get in a few conditioning sessions with the sled. I’m not an Olympic lifter or a martial artist/fighter, but I do both of these as hobbies and it works out really well.

My week looks like:
Sunday - OFF or extra session
Monday - BJJ PM
Tuesday - Lift AM Conditioning PM
Wednesday - BJJ PM
Thursday - Lift AM Conditioning PM
Friday - OFF
Saturday - OFF or extra session

The extra sessions are either an extra conditioning, strength, BJJ or just off. Depends on the day, how I’m feeling, etc. Maybe my conditioning sucked that week, I’ll condition, maybe I’m tired, I’ll rest, maybe my friends are getting together for an extra BJJ session, I’m in. Some times it’s just 3 days off!

Again, I am no fighter nor Olympic weightlifter, so take it with a grain of salt, but I am getting some awesome increases in power/strength, as well as improving my grappling game. Even throwing on a bit of size as well.