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Olsen Twins New Nutrition Show



Who in their right mind would take nutritional advice from these two??


The same people that take advice from Dr. Phil.



I can't wait to see little kids on the cigarette and Tic Tac diet...


Well, the slant/message from them will probably be 'don't sucked into the ultra-thin image [that I did]' and to combat eating disorders and pressure to be thin. Still, they're pretty bad examples. They should use someone who looks healthy and has succesfully overcome an eating disorder. Like Jamie Lynn Sigler.


Exactly,she was recently on the cover of Maxim and needless to say the Sopranos doesn't do her justice.


They shouldn't be pitching to 4-5 year old kids in the first place... anyone!
Why the fuck would toddlers need to be told to "exercise and eat right" when they have a hard time keeping small objects out their mouths and plastic bags off their head... Think about how much confusion this is going to cause them...
Just let the kid play outside and run around... that's what they naturally do in the first place. Can they really differentiate this from "exercise."
And that is the problem with people in general... you don't have to go to the gym to stay from "getting fat!"
Just fucking move and get off your ass, and eat right. If the gym is the means for you to acheive this, then by all means...

Sorry for the rant, can't beleive these two would even dream about giving any kind of advice to living a heathy balanced life.



Man, it's great they want to help people avoid eating disorders, but I'm really questioning their knowledge on fitness and nutrition.

I mean, wouldn't it be useful to at least put out some good examples for kids, instead of these twats?


I'm scared... hold me.



Dude. Too much informantion.


Thank you, Mick. Obviously, your comment prompted him to edit his post. For that, I thank you! :smiley:


Hold on a sec...I never said that...nor did I edit my post.

was the only thing I posted.

Someone playing games?


So coke is no longer "in"?
It's back to heroin I guess...




Isn't twat a "bad" word? Did you mean twit?

Those two are creepy. Certainly not role model type for any age group. They are skeletons, draped in skin.


I rarely ever like skinny girls, but I would definetly hit them, preferably both at the same time! Like you weren't thinking it....


"...I can't wait to see little kids on the cigarette and Tic Tac diet... "

A scary (but funny!) thought!

Seriously; one suffers from Anorexia Nervosa; and she is going to be giving DIET ADVICE?

I give up...



nope im pretty sure he meant twats


Muah ha ha ha ha ha!


hey youre just hatin cause they are so damn rich!